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What are sandblasted glass door panels?

Sandblasted glass door is a process in sand material(sometimes iron) and sprayed on the surface of the glass at strong high pressure to abrasive it. Then, it will form a frosted glass effect, which has good functions of decoration and privacy.

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Why sandblasting glass?

Whether it is used for sandblasted glass partition walls and windows, sandblasted glass doors, or bathrooms, sandblasted glass is a good choice, and it is precise because of its transparency and privacy features that it has become more and more popular.


The type of glass has a frosted glass effect, the objects and human bodies behind the glass will become unclear, So what you may see are shapes and shadows of objects or people, but nothing more.

Saving electricity cost

For partition walls, glass can provide the same partition function as other materials. The biggest advantage is that it can allow light to pass through instead of darkening the space.

Customized designs

Over the years, this glass design style has been greatly improved. Now you can choose from a variety of custom designs to customize the appearance according to your specific needs.

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Applications of sandblasting glass

From the above article, we mentioned that glass can be applied to partitions, windows, bathrooms, doors, etc. Let us take a look at the project pictures.

initpintu 副本
Sandblasted glass door

Properties of sandblasting glass

  • Product name: sandblasted glass door ;
  • Thickness: 5mm-19mm;
  • Glass colors: low iron, clear, green, grey, blue, bronze, etc
  • Shape: curved/flat;
  • Sandblasting glass types: full-screen glass sandblasting, partially glass sandblasting, both sides sandblasting, OEM patterns sandblasting, etc. Function Keeping privacy, decoration, etc;
  • Quality: Subject to CE & ASTM standard;
  • Further process: laminating, insulating, coating, etc;
  • Additional functions: energy saving, soundproofing, bulletproof, etc;
  • Max size: 2440*3660;
  • Capacity: 3000 SQM/day.

How to produce sandblasted glass door?

Here we are going to share a video to show the production process

Export packaging

Strong plywood crates packing for export to avoid the damage during long-distance transportation.


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