Super extra-stylish 8mm ribbed glass door

What is ribbed glass?

The ribbed glass door is uses patterned glass. When you touch the glass, you can clearly feel the stripes. Ribbed glass has a fuzzy frosted surface. Due to defocusing, the reflected light on the other side of the glass, plants, or decorations become more hazy and beautiful, but the shape and curve will not change. Ribbed glass has considerable performance advantages and can be used in low-light spaces. It can introduce natural light through its own transparent materials to create bright visual effects. In addition, it also avoids the defect that glass cannot guarantee privacy, so it is loved by many people.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass provide super extra-stylish 8mm ribbed glass door with competitive price
8mm ribbed glass

Advantage of 8mm ribbed glass door

1. Create a visual focus

Compared with the flatness of ordinary glass,  ribbed glass with vertical stripes is easier to become the focal point of vision in the space. You only need to choose a small place to make changes, such as a kitchen door or bedroom door, to inject new ideas into the monotonous space.

2. Create balance of space

The geometric composition of  ribbed glass gives it perfect line characteristics. With the arbitrary change of the space, it can form an echo with the whole, constructing a delightful sense of balance, and enriching the rhythm of the entire space.

3. Create filter effects

The fluted surface is like a filter film, especially in the sun, the beauty of the hazy reaches the extreme. This kind of element structure, placed in the space, creates its own life aesthetics in a unique way.

4. Coexistence of transparency and privacy

The surface of  ribbed glass retains the original transparency, and the use of embossing creates a frosted feeling, achieving the characteristics of both.

5. Create surprises for one-sided space

In a minimalist space with monotone or black and white as the main color, in order to make the space more fashionable and design sense. Through the  ribbed glass door panel, the vertical texture in the plane is increased, so that the original plain space has a subtle interest.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass provide super extra-stylish 8mm ribbed glass door with competitive price
ribbed glass effect

How to choose a suitable ribbed glass door ?

 Frame selection

1. With aluminum alloy frame

The most commonly used method is to use it with an aluminum alloy frame. The small black aluminum alloy frame leaves a larger perspective area to ribbed  lass. This looming occlusion is an illusion left to people, and it is also a light left to the room.

2. With stainless steel

If double ribbed glass door, stainless steel, steel and other relatively harder materials should be used, which is more stable to use. The hardness of the stainless steel frame is very high, so even a very narrow frame can bear the weight of the double glass.

3. Use alone

There are also ribbed glass  used without frame and it is often used on frameless bathroom doors.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass provide super extra-stylish 8mm ribbed glass door with competitive price
8mm ribbed glass door with aluminum alloy frame/with stainless steel/use alone

Function selection

1.Single-layer OR laminated

 If you use a flat or sliding ribbed glass door, you can choose single-layer and laminated glass. If it is a hanging rail door, single-layer glass is recommended. Considering the weight , the service life is longer.

2. Sound insulation and heat insulation

If you need sound insulation and heat insulation, you can choose tempered insulated ribbed glass. The cost is relatively more expensive, but the use effect will be better.

3. Privacy protection

to space requirements, choose whether the glass is frosted or not. In the case of a shower door, you can choose the form of single-layer ribbed glass or  frosted laminated ribbed glass to retain the texture of ribbed glass and have a stronger shielding effect.

Application of ribbed glass door

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Study room glass door

Create a fluted glass privacy door between a bedroom and study room looks really good. It feels semi-open, and it is the best place to make a study.  Which partially obscures one space from the other to create a degree of indoor privacy.


Balcony glass door

Ribbed glass can also be used on balconies. It can introduce natural light through its own transparent material to create a bright visual effect. In addition, it also avoids the defect that transparent glass cannot guarantee privacy.


Bathroom glass door

Ribbed glass is also widely used in the bathroom now. It can be used as a partition in the shower room or as a bathroom door. When the bathroom door is used, it is fine to choose frosted ribbed glass.


Kitchen glass door

From a practical standpoint, the ribbed glass door ensures that the kitchen and dining area are sufficiently lit while keeping any noise, smell, and grease out of the flat’s communal areas.

Production details

fluted glass product 1
glass door product detail

Quality control


Packing and delivery

strong plywood crates packing for 12mm toughened glass

Shenzhen Dragon Glass provides a super extra-stylish 8mm ribbed glass door. Contact us if you require any further information or for access to the newsletter, catalog, and samples.

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