High quality SDG decorative 10mm fused glass

Fused glass is another modern design for glass project decor, meet designer requirements and win most of customers eyes.

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What is fused glass?

Which is one of the most popular types of decorative glass on the market today. With its unique look and versatility, it’s no wonder why fused glass art is becoming increasingly popular in homes and businesses alike. This type of art utilizes two layers of heat-resistant glass that are fused together through a kiln-firing process to create beautiful, unique pieces of art.

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The process begins with selecting the right type of glass for your project. Different types of glass can be used to achieve different results, so it’s important to take into account factors like color, transparency, opacity and texture when selecting which glass you’ll use. Once the selection is made and cut to size, they’re fired at temperatures above 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit in order to fuse them into one cohesive piece.

After cooling down from the firing process, final touches can be added – such as etching or engraving – before sending off the piece for display or sale. Hot melted glass offers a variety of options for all kinds of artwork, from small sculptures to large wall installations. With its stunning results and endless possibilities for creativity, which is sure to be a hit among artists and home decorators alike!

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Dragon Glass Fused glass 10mm

Dragon Glass fused glass also call hot melted glass, which include different specification

Fused GlassSpecifications
Thickness8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
DimensionCustomzied based on project, or non tempered standard size
Color ChoiceClear, ultra clear, blue, green, bronze, grey
Temperature Range1300-1500 °F (704-816 °C)
Annealing Temperature1100 °F (593 °C)
Strength After Fusing20 to 30 times greater than annealed glass of the same thickness and type.
Surface Hardness6 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.
Specification sheet of fused glass

Sample videos of hot melted glass

If nee samples for evalution, please kindly contact us anytime.

How’s the performance of Dragon Glass fused glass/hot melted glass?

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Application of fused glass/ hot melted glass

Fused glass/hot melted glass has a wide range of applications. It can be used in the fields of architecture, interior design, furniture design, automotive industry, art and crafts projects, industrial manufacturing and decoration purposes. It is also ideal for creating jewelry, door panels and interior partitions as well as exterior cladding.

Fused glass, hot melted glass, how to make fused glass
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