CE certified low e double glazing 8+12AS+8mm insulated curtain wall euro grey glass igu curtain wall manufacturer

Low e double glazing is the most widely used for glass curtain wall. About 70% of the energy loss occurs in glass windows. Low e insulated glass is designed to minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet coming through your windows and allow natural light to pass through.

What is euro grey tinted glass?

Euro grey tinted glass is produced by adding metal oxides during the production of clear float glass. Euro grey glass gives you more shade and reduces sunlight from the outside of the building, it also provides a degree of visual privacy during the day. So euro grey glass low-E IGU looks darker than clear Low-E IGU and increases the energy saving effect as well.

insulated glass units
euro grey glass Low-E IGU
insulated glass units
euro grey glass Low-E insulated glass
insulated glass units
euro gray glass Low-E IGU
insulated glass units
euro grey low e insulated glass

Insulated glass units production line

low e double glazing
heat soak testing furnace
heat soak testing furnace

Features of low e double glazing

  • Energy-saving: low e glass double glazing is used as energy-saving glass, which can maintain interior temperature to save a lot of money on the electricity bills in winter and summer.
  • Avoid discoloration: The metal coating on low e insulating glass can reflect 99% of UV rays, so you don’t need to worry about discoloration of furniture, curtains, and carpets.
  • Noise reduction: The double glazing has two pieces of glass, and the sound insulation effect is very good, which can reduce the external noise by at least 20 decibels.
  • Safety glass: Tempered safety glass, laminated safety glass, and heat soak test glass are available with high strength and impact resistance.

Product details

low e double glazing
low e double glazing
low e double glazing
low e double glazing


Product name: Euro Grey Low E Double Glazing, Grey Low E Glass Double Glazing
Type of glass: full tempered glass, heat soak testing glass, laminated glass, ceramic frit glass, tinted glass
Type of Low-E coating: single silver low e coating, double silver low e coating, triple low e coating
Aluminum spacer: 6A, 9A, 12A, customized
Glass color: clear glass, exxtra clear glass, euro grey glass, blue glass, bronze glass, etc.
Glass thickness: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Filling gas: argon, dry air
Applications: facade, curtain wall, window, door, skylight, etc.
Maximum size: 3300*10000mm
Shapes: flat, triangle and curved insulated glass
Packing: exporting strong wooden cases
Production capacity: 2000 square meters daily

Low e glass double glazing performance data

low e double glazing
Single Low-E glass performance data


low e double glazing
low e glass double glazing
low e double glazing

Other types of insulated glass units

low e double glazing

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