Energy saving glass

energy saving glass for facade

Super high energy saving glass factory in China


  1. Super high performance energy saving glass
  2. High strength & hurricane-resistant;
  3. Accurate size and easy installation;
  4. Good decoration;
  5. Long lifespan.
  1. Curtain wall & facade;
  2. Windows & doors;
  3. Skylights;
  4. Railing & Canopy;
  5. Shop fronts;
  6. Partition walls; etc
  • Price: 0.99~89.9 USD/ SQM .
  • MOQ: 50SQM.
  • Lead time: 10~15 days.
  • Packing: Strong wood crates.

About energy saving glass

Energy saving glass usually refers to low e coating glass & anti-heat glass. It is coated by large vaccum magnetic sputtering line to form a sturdy coating on the glass. like low e is using silver layer for the functional layer which can reflect most of infrared light from the sun, thus making the interior cooler in the summer & warmmer in the winter, reducing the power cost of air conditioning, so is called energy saving glass.

We provide large area coating glass sheets as well as processed glass products.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass energy saving glass properties

  • Single glass thickness: 4mm~15mm.
  • Max size: 2600*7500mm.
  • Glass color: clear, ultra clear, grey, bronze, blue, green, etc.
  • Glass type: single low e coating glass; double low e coating glass; solar reflective coating glass(anti heat glass)
  • Transmittance: 8~85%.
  • U-value: 0.5~4.8 W/m2K
  • Shape: flat / curved.
  • Capacity: 10000SQM/DAY.
  • Certification: CE & ASTM.

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