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Make your building designs stand out! Pink insulated glass is a great choice to create stunning visual effects while still providing insulation and protection. The unique color adds beauty and charm, enhancing the look of any facade. Our pink insulated glass samples have been carefully crafted to provide superior light transmission, thermal insulation, sound transmission control, and weather resistance in order to meet your needs.

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What is Reflective Glass?

Reflective glass is a type of glass that has a reflective coating applied to one side. This allows it to reflect certain amounts of light while still allowing through visible and other forms of light. As a result, reflective glass can reduce glare from the sun while also providing an attractive look for windows or walls in buildings.

Insulated Glass The reflective coating helps keep interior spaces cooler in summer as it prevents the sun’s rays from entering directly into the building. Additionally, reflective glass can help with energy efficiency by helping to trap heat inside during winter months and keeping out unwanted sunlight during summer months. It is common for buildings with large windows to use this type of glass in order to improve energy efficiency and reduce glare.

Reflective glasses come in various tints, ranging from light gray to bronze or deep blue. It can also be combined with other types of glass, such as tinted and glazed glass, for a more customized look. The reflective properties of the glass can change depending on how much sunlight it is exposed to, which makes it ideal for various applications in buildings. For these reasons, reflective glass has become increasingly popular in modern architecture. With its unique combination of practicality and aesthetics, it offers many advantages over traditional window materials and helps create beautiful external facades that are efficient in energy use.

Reflective Glass

IGUs are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings. They are also found in vehicles, such as cars and boats. Insulated glass is an important part of today’s energy-efficient construction materials.

How to make 6mm+9a+6mm pink reflective insulated glass windows?

The 6mm+9a+6mm pink reflective insulating glass unit (IGU) is a multi-pane window that provides superior insulation and energy efficiency. It consists of two panes of glass separated by air or gas, with a spacer bar in between to ensure the separation. The outer pane can be coated with a special pink reflective film, which reflects incoming solar radiation back out into the atmosphere before it enters the building. To make 6mm+9a+6mm pink reflective insulating glass, first select an IGU comprising two layers of tempered glass 6mm thick, with 9 mm airspace between them. This will provide adequate thermal insulation while still allowing visible light to pass through.

Advantages of pink reflective tempered insulated glass

  1. Sound insulation: Efficiently blocks sound transmission, used as a sound-proof wall.
  2. Energy saving: Provides good heat insulation.
  3. Radiation heat prevention: Reduces dizziness from sunset and sunshine, prevents radiation heat.
  4. Clear tempered coated insulated glass maintains constant indoor temperature and humidity.
  5. Tempered insulated glass is a safety glass that breaks into small cubic pieces, reducing injury risk.
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What is the price of pink reflective double glazing?

The cost of insulating glass windows will be influenced by several factors such as:

  • Glass size: glass size will affect the cutting rate of glass raw materials, thereby affecting the price;
  • Glass thickness: different thicknesses will be affected by different laminated glass prices, the thicker, the higher the price;
  • Spacer thickness: the price of Spacers with different thicknesses is different;
  • Shapes: The prices of flat insulated glass and curved insulated glass are different;
  • Quantity: When apportioning all costs such as raw materials, labor costs, machine costs, electricity costs, local transportation costs, etc., the larger the number of laminated glass windows you order; the price will be much more economical.
pink reflective double glazing


  • Subject to CE
  • Subject to ASTM
  • Subject to AS
  • Subject to ISO9001
  • Subject to CCC, etc


Product name:6mm+9a+6mm pink reflective insulated glass
Glass thickness:5+5mm,6+6mm,8+8mm,10+10mm, 12+12mm, etc.Other types of configurations are also available. etc,
Shape available:Flat or curved
Spacer:Air, argon
Spacer thickness:6A , 9A , 12A , 15A, 20A
Glass color: Clear, ultra clear, green, blue, bronze, grey, pink and other customized colors.
Production time:10-15 days
Max size:3200*12000mm
Capacity:5000SQM per day

production line:


Packing and delivery:

Insulated glass (IGU) protective film ensures that your product stays intact during long trips from production to delivery. By protecting against scratches and other damage, you can ensure an unmarked product when arriving at its final destination.

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We specialize in manufacturing a diverse range of high-quality insulated glass products. Our extensive offerings encompass a variety of colors, patterns, compositions, and shapes that are meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of our esteemed customers. We welcome any inquiries and encourage you to reach out to us at your convenience.

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