High energy saving 24mm warm edge spacer insulated glazing warm edge windows glass factory in china

Insulated glass has become one of the most popular types of glass windows. There are several types IGU glass, but today we are talking about warm edge spacer windows. It has a high energy saving effect, meanwhile reducing noise, and minimizing the amount of infrared and ultraviolet, without losing the amount of light into your house.

What is a warm edge spacer?

warm edge spacer
warm edge spacer

It is made of insulating plastic composite to reduce the amount of heat lost through the glass windows. As a result, less heat is lost through the windows, and heating bills are lower in cold winter.

warm edge spacer

What is warm edge spacer insulated glazing?

warm edge spacer

Warm edge spacer insulated glazing is using warm edge spacer bars to insulate the sealed glass panes. Traditionally insulated glazing spacer bars are aluminum, which is highly conductive to heat and allows more heat to pass through, decreasing thermal insulation performance. When it’s cold outside and warm inside, the heat in the home escapes through the spacers, so the edges of the windows are colder. The heat loss means more heating is needed to keep a comfortable indoor temperature, compared to traditional aluminum spacers, it offer superior insulation performance.


Product name: warm edge windows, warm edge spacer insulated glazing
Type of glass: full tempered glass, heat soak testing glass, laminated glass, ceramic frit glass, tinted glass
Type of Low-E coating: single silver low e coating, double silver low e coating, triple low e coating
Spacer bar: 9A, 12A, 14A, 15A, 16A, 18A, 19A, 20A
Glass thickness: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Filling gas: argon, dry air
Applications: facade, curtain wall, window, door, skylight, etc.
Maximum size: 3300*10000mm
Shapes: flat, triangle and curved insulated glass
Packing: exporting strong wooden cases
Production capacity: 3000 square meters daily

Product details

warm edge spacer
warm edge spacer
warm edge spacer


  • Effectively blocks the heat conduction of the insulating glass through the edge, reducing the K value or U value of the insulating glazing.
  • Excellent anti-condensation performance can greatly reduce condensation on the interior side of the insulating glazing.
  • Significant weather resistance can adapt to different weather conditions.
  • The high support strength of the spacers ensures the quality of insulated glass doors, windows, and curtain walls.

Production lines

low e double glazing

Packing details

warm edge windows
warm edge windows
warm edge windows


warm edge spacer

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