Excellent quality 5-19mm curved toughened glass manufacturer

curved tempered glass

Excellent quality 5-19mm curved toughened glass manufacturer

curved tempered glass

Shenzhen Dragon Glass is the top 3 of curved glass manufacturers in Guangdong province, providing curved toughened glass with extremely high strength and a super smooth surface.

1, How is curved toughened glass produced?

The curved toughened glass manufactured by Shenzhen Dragon Glass has more than 5 times higher strength comparing to normal float glass. This is achieved by subjecting final size, edgeworked glass panels into a toughening machine which heats up to 700-degree temperature and bent to due radius and arch then cool down rapidly by strong wind jet to form a compression on the curved toughened glass surface whereas the interior is still in tension.  This thermal treatment makes the curved toughened glass strength raise completely to 5 times more than normal glass.

Curved toughened glass machines
Curved toughened glass manufacturing machine

Toughened glass is now rated as top A safety glass in many international standards. Not only due to curved toughened glass high strength but also because when curved toughened glass even breaks, it will shatter into small, blunted-angles fragments, which will do no harm to human beings.

Shenzhen  Dragon Glass curved toughened glass safe and strong
Toughened glass breakage patternscompletely no harm to human beings.

2, Strict QC system guarantees excellent quality

shenzhen dragon glass quality control testing
Toughened glass inspection & testing

3, Applications

Due to its extremely high strength, curved toughened glass manufactured by Shenzhen Dragon Glass offers architects and designers far greater scope for the usage of the building glass. We provide economical and proven solutions for anywhere specifically require the uses of safety glazing materials. For example, curtain wall, facade, skylights, windows, doors, partitions, wall, railing, canopy, etc.

curved toughened glass applications
Bent & curved glass applications in architecture.

4, Benefits for using Shenzhen Dragon Glass curved toughened glass:

  1. High strength, more than 5 times stronger than normal glass, anti strong impact;
  2. Super safe, even when broken, it will shatter into a small piece of glass with blunted edges do no harm to humans;
  3. Super flat surface with no flaws, touch-friendly, and easy clean.
  4. Make a strong sense of space for humans;
  5. Offer multiple inspiration choices for designer and architects;
  6. Quality subject to CE & ASTM highest standards;
  7. Wide range of design options available by Shenzhen Dragon Glass.

5, Features of Shenzhen Dragon Glass curved toughened glass:

Product nameCurved toughened glass / bent & curved glass
Glass colorClear, ultra clear, grey, green, blue, bronze, pink, etc
ApplicationsFacade, curtain wall, windows, doors, shower room, railing, balcony, skylights, roof, etc.
Max size2600*6000mm
Capacity2000 SQM/day

6, Why choose Shenzhen Dragon Glass?

  1. We Shenzhen Dragon Glass as one of the best curved glass manufacturers in China was founded in 1994, has over 26 years of experience in curved glass manufacturing;
  2. We use top A grade float glass raw material to ensure glass quality;
  3. World advanced machines like Bottero cutting, Lisec edging, North Glass tempering lines, etc are adopted to make sure our glass size accuracy, surface and stress quality;
  4. Strict quality control system to make our glass products has no bubbles no chips no scratches or other surface flaws;
  5. Our glass products meets CE & ASTM & ISO9001 standards.
  6. We occupied 4 large curved toughened machines, which can guarantee large output capacity and very competitive curved toughened glass price in China.
  7. We have a professional service team able to assist you with any questions responding in several minutes and provide solutions in 24 hours.

7, Certifications

Shenzhen Dragon Gass certifications for tempered, lamianted, insulated glass
Shenzhen Dragon Glass certifications

Any need for curved glass projects? Welcome to contact us now for the best solutions!


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