6+6 mm colorful pink laminated glass is not made of colored PVB laminated glass?

pink laminated glass ,pink ceramic fritted glass,pink glass

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What is the pink ceramic fritted glass?

In the last few articles, we introduced milky white ceramic fritted glass to everyone, and today we are going to introduce another color ceramic fritted glass. That is pink ceramic fritted glass.

Pink ceramic fritted glass is made by applying screen-printing technology to apply a pink ceramic ink to the glass surface, and then the glass and ink will undergo high-temperature tempering to form a permanent coating on the glass surface. It has good advantages of decorations, anti-scratches, anti-acid, etc. The ink on the glass surface after the high-temperature tempering process has the same long lifespan as the tempered glass.

pink laminated glass ,pink ceramic fritted glass,pink glass

Pink laminated glass is using one or two pieces of pink ceramic fritted glass permanently bonded together with PVB interlayer by high temperature and high pressure.

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Why using ceramic fritted glass to make pink laminated glass, not pink color PVB?

Many people know that we can use pink-colored PVB to produce pink laminated glass, but this time we are introducing colored ceramic fritted glass instead of colored PVB due to the following two main reasons.

  • Customize color by Pantone Matching System.

Find the color you want on the Pantone system and tell us the corresponding Pantone number. We can adjust the ink to the same color as the Pantone number. The colors of PVB are all standard colors, with very few options.

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  • The difference in transmittance.

Where privacy is required, we need to use the single panel Or laminated glass made from it. Where high transmittance is required, it is decorated with colors. We can choose the color PVB laminated glass.

pink PVB laminated glass
Pink color PVB interlayer laminated glass with high transmittance


pink laminated glass wall


  • Product name: Pink glass ;
  • Glass thickness: 6mm,8mm,10mm, 4+4mm, 5+5mm, 6+6mm, 8+8mm, 10+10mm, etc,
  • Glass enamel:Pink;
  • Functions: Soundproofing, luxurious,safety,privacy .etc
  • Production time:10-15 days
  • Capacity: 2500 SQM per day

Product details

pink laminated glass product details


The following contains the necessary certificates for this type of glass.

pink ceramic fritted glass certificates

Packing and delivery

Strong plywood crate packing to avoid the damage of safety glass sheets during long-distance transportation.

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