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What are 8 mm silkscreen printed glass custom shower screens?

When you are looking to have a unique custom framed glass shower door, may custom shower screens be ideal for you? There are many elements that you can customize when you select a customized door. You can pick what type of glass you want, such as opaque or frosted. You can pick the size specifications, making it perfect for those who have a uniquely sized shower opening. And you can select the type of door, such as a fixed shower door, a swinging glass door, or a sliding door.

Our 8 mm silkscreen printed glass custom shower screens are using inorganic glaze printed on the glass surface and then heat to dried, tempered, or heat-treated. The glaze then is permanently sintered on the glass surface to obtain durable, decorative, and functional glass. Images are UV, fade, and scratch-resistant, suitable for any interior or exterior application.

What is the advantage of 8 mm silkscreen printed glass custom shower screens?

1、Custom pattern

In modern architecture, glass is increasingly used as a decorative material. This is possible due to the fact that additional elements can be attached to it. There is no end to the possibilities of patterns and colors with regard to silkscreen printed, which enables a perfect application to the expectations of clients. The realization of an individual pattern, both in the form of pictures and graphics, allows the creation of an unrepeatable composition.

2、Protection of privacy

People generally hope to keep privacy in the bathroom door, the application of silkscreen printed can meet people’s needs well. You can achieve the transparency of the glass by choosing the printed pattern.

3、Reduce the effect of dazzling by direct rays of light

Partially transparent glass panes allow for a controlled flow of light between spaces, eliminating the need for artificial lighting. Thus, ornamental glass should let the light come inside a room enhancing the warmth while reducing the effect of dazzling by direct rays of light.

4、A perfect decorative material

The ornamental glass offered by we boast the highest quality and a unique style to match. Advances in technology for screen printing on glass enable varied decoration styles, ​and give any space a more modern look and feel.

5、Super safe

Has the characteristics of tempered glass. Even when the tempered glass is broken, it will not harm people as the broken pieces will shatter into small particles with obtuse angles

6、High quality

Silkscreen printed glass typically has acidic and moisture-resistant features that can preserve the colors for decades. With consistent quality over long-term use.


Production name: 8 mm silkscreen printed glass custom shower screens
Glass thickness: 8 mm
Glass color: clear, low iron, bronze, blue, green, grey, etc;
Ink color: Red, orange, green, blue, black, white, etc;
Pattern: Dot, bar, full screen, gradient, other patterns per requirement;
Max size: 2440*3660mm;
Process: cutting, edging, silk screen printing, tempering, packing, etc;
Quality: CE/ASTM/AS/ISO9001/BS/CE;
Packing: strong plywood crates;
Capacity: 1000SQM/days
Production time: 10~15 days


  • Subject to BS
  • Subject to AS
  • Subject to ASTM
  • Subject to CE

Applications: custom framed shower door

Custom shower screens are really suited use in a framed glass shower door.

Production detail

Production details 副本



Packing and delivery

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Pack with sturdy plywood boxes to ensure safety during long-distance transportation.

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