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What is 12mm tempered office frosted glass?

12mm tempered office frosted glass is using 12mm clear float glass to cut to custom sizes and then grind the edges before placing the glass to sandblasting machines to form a frosted effect. Later the 12mm glass is heated to around 700 degrees temperature in the tempering oven and then quickly chill down to room temperature by a strong wind jet. In this tempering process, the 12mm tempered office frosted glass can form strong press stress on the glass surface whereas the interior still in tension.

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This tempering process enhances the glass to around 5 times stronger than normal float glass, thus can endure strong impact without breaking, even when broken due to strong impact, the 12mm tempered frosted glass will shatter into small pieces of glass with obtuse angles, doing no harm to human beings. 12mm tempered frosted glass is widely used as frosted glass office walls because of its high strength, decoration effect, and safety functions.

12mm tempered office frosted glass
Good design 12mm tempered frosted glass office walls.


  • Super high strength: tempered stress>95Mpa, can endure strong impact;
  • Super safe: even when the glass is broken due to extremely high impact, the broken pieces will not harm people;
  • Splendid privacy function: can keep privacy as people outside cannot see through the office frosted glass;
  • Great sense of space for working: glass office walls can form a good sense of space for working atmosphere, making the working mood good and nice.


  • Production name: 12mm tempered office frosted glass;
  • Glass colors: clear, low iron, green, blue, grey, bronze, etc;
  • Glass thickness: 12mm is suggested, other thicknesses such as 15mm 10mm 8mm are available;
  • Process: cutting, edging, grinding, sandblasting, tempering, packing, etc;
  • Frosted glass types: full screen frosted tempered glass, partially frosted tempered glass, bar design frosted tempered glass, etc;
  • Functions: decoration, privacy, divider, soundproofing, etc;
  • Production time: 10 days after order confirmed;
  • MOQ: 50SQM;
  • Certifications: AS/ASTM/ISO9001/CCC/CE, etc;
  • Packing: Strong plywood crates packing.


  • 12mm frosted tempered glass subject to ASTM C1048;
  • 12mm frosted tempered glass subject to BS;
  • 12mm frosted tempered glass subject to CE;
  • 12mm frosted tempered glass subject to AS;


12mm full screen tempered office frosted glass:

Full screen tempered frosted glass office walls

Partially 12mm tempered office frosted glass:

Window Graphics Etched Vinyl Jones and Jones 6
Bar design partially frosted glass office walls.

Pattern design 12mm tempered office frosted glass:

frosted glass office partitions
Pattern design frosted glass office walls

Curved shape 12mm tempered frosted glass offie walls:

curved glass on a roll 04
Curved design frosted glass office walls.

Production details:

12mm frosted tempered glass is produced by:

  • Cutting the frosted glass to custom sizes;
  • Grinding process for the edges;
  • Drill holes or notches;
  • Tempering process;
  • Packing.
Tempered glass company-Shenzhen Dragon Glass
Production details for frosted tempered glass company-Shenzhen Dragon Glass

Generally there are two ways to achieve frosted glass office walls effect:

  1. Sandblasting;
  2. Acid-etching.

Machines overview:

We have the most advanced cutting machines, grinding machines, tempering machines, heat soaked ovens, offline coating lines, silk screening production lines, etc to produce excellent quality glass products, completely satisfying different designs for the architectural glass projects.

Reliable tempered glass company-Shenzhen Dragon Glass machines overview
Machines overview-Shenzhen Dragon Glass trustworthy tempered glass company.

Quality control:

We test the tempered stress for each batch to ensure the tempering stress is the same by breaking one piece of tempered glass which is produced in the same condition as mass production. Impact testing and acid and anti-alkali test, etc to ensure no quality problem will occur afterward.

Trustworthy tempered glass company-Shenzhen Dragon Glass strict quality control system
A glance of our quality control-disciplined tempered glass company.


Strong plywood crates packing to ensure safety.
Strong plywood crates packing to ensure safety.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass is a professional tempered glass company in China, can provide excellent tempered glass frosted glass for you.

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