Why excellent digital printed glass will replace stained glass in the near future?

What is digital printed glass and how to make?

You may have read our previous article on digital printing glass, which is about printing patterns on the surface of the glass. Today we will bring a new solution- digital printed glass manufactured by digital printing on PVB.

Digital printing on PVB is based on a transparent interlayer, which uses a high-resolution inkjet printer and specially formulated inks for printing.

digital printed glass wall

Advantages when using digitally printed glass

The result of PVB digital printing is a safety glass with an image that optimizes safety, image quality, and light resistance. This technique is particularly useful when reproducing subtle differences in graphics images. Any image or graphic design can be digitally printed with different colors and opacity effects to obtain personalized, unique designs and high-definition effects.

  • Safety and soundproof function: those are the best features in laminated glass;
  • High-resolution: 1440*1440 dpi;
  • Anti-scratch: image or graphic design are printed in PVB interlayer, no worries about scratch;
  • Endless design: as you can imagine, we can make it a reality.
  • Anti-UV radiation: 99.9% of UV radiation is blocked.


  • Subject to AS;
  • Subject to BS;
  • Subject to CE;
  • Subject to SGCC;
  • Subject to ISO9001.etc


digital printed glass01 副本

Production details:

Digital printing onto glass is undergoing:

  • Cutting;
  • Edging;
  • Drilling;
  • Tempering;
  • Digital printing on PVB;
  • Laminating;Etc.
digital printed production details 副本



Packing and delivery:

Strong plywood crate packing to ensure the Digitally Printed glass products’ safety during long-distance transportation.


If you want to use digitally printed glass for your project, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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