Best budget-Friendly 6mm sandblasted glass for residential windows

What is 6mm sandblasted glass?

6mm sandblasted glass is achieved by making 6mm clear glass or tinted glass going through sandblasting machine, forming a frosted and matt surface effect on the glass panel. Sandblasted glass is produced to provide good obscure and private functions for buildings.
Single face sandblasted glass is mostly used. But you can also choose to make it partially sandblasted or double faces sandblasted.
The 6mm sandblasted glass will later go through a tempering process to enhance its strength and safety before putting into applications.

sandblasted glass wall
6mm sandblasted glass for wall


  1. Super elegant frosted decoration effect: the sandblasted glass will increase the decoration for the interior and exterior;
  2. Privacy functions: the sandblasted glass will prevent the visible light, making it super good private;
  3. Multiple patterns: by applying the tap or film on the glass with different patterns, you can have different patterns as designed;
  4. Economical solution: Compared with other solutions for the frosted effects, sandblasted glass is super economic and has fast production.
  5. High strength and safe: normally the sandblasted glass will be further processed as tempered glass, thus making it super safe and strong!


  • CE
  • ASTM
  • AS
  • ISO9001
  • CCC, etc


The sandblasted face is usually put interior as the rain or water on the surface will make the frosted effect lost once.

Sandblasted windows:

Sandblasted windows
Sandblasted windows

Sandblasted partitions:

Sandblasted partitions
Sandblasted partitions

Production details:

Shenzhen Dragon Glass can produce all types of frosted glass solutions for you!

Plain flat 6mm clear tempered sandblasted glass for fixed windows:

Sandblasted glass for fixed windows
Sandblasted glass for fixed windows
sandblasted glass 02
Sandblasted glass
sandblasted glass 03
sandblasted glass 04

Quality control:

We control each process inspection very carefully to prevent the flaws from going to the next step.

sandblasted glass quality control



Packing details:

Strong packing

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