Best 12mm tempered panoramic padel glass in storage for sale!

1, What is 12mm tempered panoramic padel glass?

Panoramic padel court is one type of padel court. It has the advantages of a wider vision, strong structure, etc. The panoramic court is a very elegant design.
12mm clear tempered glass is super strong and perfect for panoramic padel court. It has higher stiffness than 10mm clear tempered glass. When humans or balls impact the glass, it has super high resistance abilities against breakage.
12mm panoramic padel glass drawings as below:

panoramic padel glass
12mm clear tempered glass for panoramic court

2, Holes details for 12mm panoramic padel glass:

12mm panoramic padel glass drawing:

Holes details for panoramic padel court
Holes details for the panoramic padel court

The holes should not have chips and the tolerance should be within ±0.5mm.

3, Edgework for 12mm panoramic padel glass

Finely polished edgework is applied, without any chips or flaws on the edge.

Fine polished work for padel glass
Fine polished edgework for padel glass

4, OEM logos

Normally we print the CE logo on panoramic padel glass. But we can OEM the logo according to clients’ requests. It can help the clients to build their own brand!

OEM Logo
OEM Logo

5, Strong packing and convenient for site installation

9pcs per crate packing way is making it super fit for site installation. 2 crates will complete a panoramic court.

Strong packing
Strong packing for padel glass

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