Elegant designs 6+1.52pvb+6 13.52mm tempered laminated glass railing for staircase with good price

laminated glass for staircase

Elegant designs 6+1.52pvb+6 13.52mm tempered laminated glass railing for staircase with good price

laminated glass for staircase

Nowadays glass products have been adopted by many architects for residential and commercial applications. Tempered laminated glass for staircase not only can provide super high strength and safety function, but also can provide a good sense of space and modern design. In this article, we are going to introduce you to our tempered laminated glass railing for staircase.

1, What is 6+1.52PVB+6 tempered laminated glass railing for staircase?

6+1.52PVB+6 tempered laminated glass railing for staircase is using two 6mm thickness tempered glass panels laminated together with 1.52PVB interlayer. Enduring high temperature and high pressure in lamination autoclave for over 6 hours, then the combination of glass and the PVB interlayer is permanently together. Staircase with glass railing can provide you super safety and let you have a great feeling of simplified modern design.

laminated glass for staircase
Staircase with glass railing

2, Why use 1.52PVB for tempered laminated glass railing for staircase?

You may wonder, why to use 1.52pvb for laminated glass railing, not 0.76pvb or 1.14pvb or even 2.28pvb or thicker? Well, glass railing staircase is directly human touched place, therefore safety and high strength are considered as important as the modern elegant design for commercial or residential applications.

1.52PVB is suggested for staircase with glass railing because:

  1. Tempered glass has deformation after high temperature and has the roller wave. For two tempered glass panels, the thicker of the PVB interlayer, the better for the PVB material to penetrate into space of the deformation or roller waves of tempered glass, therefore 1.52 will be a balance option for high strength and safety and long lifespan option;
  2. Mostly stairs with glass railing will adopt bolts joining the laminated glass together with the structural support. When holes exist, there are higher risks of delamination, therefore thicker PVB will be suggested. 1.52PVB is a better choice than 1.14PVB;
  3. Of course, thicker pvb might provide you higher anti-impact function. But it is not the thicker, the better. When the PVB thickness is too much, the laminated glass will turn to a yellow appearance because PVB material has a yellow index. Moreover, the thicker PVB, the more expensive. For stairs with glass railing, size and thickness and holes drilling, etc technical data requirement, 1.52PVB are safe enough and economical option.
Laminated glass railing for staircase
Laminated glass railing for staircase

3, 13.52mm tempered laminated glass railing for staircase properties:

Product nameStaircase with glass railing/stairs with glass railing
Glass thickness6mm+6mm, other thickness available as well.
Glass colorsClear, other options like low iron, tinted, are available.
Interlayer1.52PVB, if you need 1.52SGP or EVA material, we can provide as well.
We Shenzhen Dragon Glass are one of the certified SGP suppliers.
PVB colorClear, other options such as milky white, pink, green, blue, bronze, yellow, purple, etc are customizable.
Further processdrilling, edging, digital printing, ceramic frit, heat soaked test, etc.
Glass shapeParallelogram shape/rectangle shape/curved shape;
QualitySubject to CE & ASTM high standard.
PackingStrong plywood crates.
Capacity2000 SQM/day

4, How to manufacture 6+1.52pvb+6 13.52mm tempered laminated glass?

For stairs with glass railing designs, there will be parallelogram shape or rectangle shape or curved shape, etc. Generally speaking, the rectangle shape tempered laminated glass production and quality control will be easier because it is manufactured mainly by machines. As below showing:

tempered laminated glass process
Rectangle shape tempered laminated glass production.

Parallelogram shape will be edged by straight line polishing machine. This will have a strict requirement for the operator’s experience to control the accuracy of the edging. Other processes will be the same as above. As below picture showing:

Straight line edging machine
Straight line edging machine

Curved shape laminated glass will need curved tempering and curved laminated process:

curved tempering machine
Curved tempering
Curved laminating

5, How do we control the quality of the laminated glass railing for staircase ?

We have strict QC team to inspect each process to make sure no flaws during manufacturing.

glass process testing
QC inspection for each process

We also have test lab to make sure the laminated glass has strong anti-impact performance.

Impact testing lab for tempered laminated glass
Impact testing lab for tempered laminated glass

6, Shenzhen Dragon Glass as one of the best professional glass railing companies, can offer you several options designs:

glass stair
Frameless bolts tempered laminated glass railing staircase:
spigots railing 1
Spigots railing for staircase:
stainless steel railing glass
Stainless steel frame railing for staircase:
U channel staircase
U channel frameless railing for staircase

7, Certifications


8, Packing details:

packing details
Strong plywood packing before delivery.

Do you have any inquiries of the staircase with glass railing? Welcome to get a free quotation now!


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