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What is 8+8+8 anti-slip laminated security glass for a floating glass staircase?

8+8+8mm anti-slip laminated security glass for floating glass staircase is using three layers of 8mm clear tempered glass or 8mm ultra-clear tempered glass laminated by strong adherence PVB interlayer to form a multiple “sandwich” structure. This process is done by cutting the 8mm raw material glass to the staircase sizes and then do the edgework later send to the tempering machine. The 8mm clear or ultra clear glass will endure super high temperature(about 650 degrees) and then later chilled down by a strong wind jet. After the tempering process, the 8mm glass will enhance its strength up to 5 times(95Mpa~110Mpa) which can endure strong impact without breaking.

laminated glass process
Production process for laminated security glass

Later the 3 panels of 8mm clear or ultra clear tempered glass will be paired in a dust-free lamination room. The final process will be done when the triple layers of laminated glass enduring 6 hours of high temperature and super high pressure. The lamination will be permanently together. Usually, the upper panels will have an acid-etched treatment which can make the floating glass staircase anti-slip.

8+8+8mm laminated security glass is super fit for the floating glass staircase because it provides super high strength and a good sense of modern beauty. It can show you a good sense of space in residential houses or commercial buildings.


  • Excellent quality: no bubbles, no chips, super flat;
  • Super strong: can endure strong impact and large human traffic without any risk of breaking;
  • Adjustable transmittance: you can choose how much transmittance according to your taste, you can make it full clearance or make it obscure and mysterious;
  • Multiple anti-slip patterns: you can choose dot shape, bar shape, or other patterns of anti-slip patterns according to your designs.


  • Production name: 8+8+8 24mm laminated security glass for floating glass staircase;
  • Glass color: clear or ultra clear, other tinted glass colors are available as well;
  • Glass thickness: 8+8+8mm, you can also make it 10+10+10 or 12+12+12 or 4 layers such as 8+8+8+8 or 10+10+10+10, etc;
  • Interlayer material: PVB/SGP, etc;
  • Interlayer thickness: PVB 0.38 0.76 1.14 1.52 1.90. 2.28 3.04, etc
  •                                  SGP 0.89 1.52 2.28, etc;
  • Interlayer color: Clear, milky white, yellow, red, blue, green, pink, grey, etc;
  • Surface treatment: anti-slip treatment, patterns adjustable;
  • Quality: Subject to AS/CE/ISO9001/ASTM/BS, etc;
  • Production time: 20~25 days;
  • Packing: Strong plywood crates;
  • Capacity: 800SQM/day;
  • Samples: available;


  • Laminated security glass subject to AS;
  • Laminated security glass subject to CE;
  • Laminated security glass subject to ASTM;
  • Laminated security glass subject to ISO9001;


Splendid quality multiple laminated securtity glass for glass staircase, good acid etching process to make it beautiful anti-slip designs.

Super beautiful floating glass stair products by Shenzhen Dragon Glass
floating glass staircase cost
Competitive floating glass staircase cost

Production details:

Shenzhen Dragon Glass multiple layer laminated security glass products
Shenzhen Dragon Glass multiple layer laminated security glass products

Quality control:

glass process testing
Strictly quality control system


Certifications of Shenzhen Dragon Glass
Shenzhen Dragon Glass certifications.

What will influence the floating glass staircase cost?

Several factors will influence the floating glass staircase cost:

  • Glass thickness: the thicker of the glass will require higher cost;
  • Glass colors: normally clear color is the most competitive option, other colors of glass will be higher floating glass staircase cost;
  • Glass configuration: more layers of glass mean higher floating glass staircase cost, triple lamination such as 8+8+8 can ensure enough strength whereas remaining a very competitive price.;
  • etc.

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