China excellent 5+5mm 6+6mm 8+8mm double glazing glass manufacturers.

double glazed glass suppliers

China excellent 5+5mm 6+6mm 8+8mm double glazing glass manufacturers.

double glazed glass suppliers

Double glazing glass is more and more popular in applications such as windows, doors, office partitions, facades, curtain walls, etc. It is because double glazing has a super great energy saving function and varieties combinations of different designs, making it a unique choice for many architectural projects. Here we are going to discuss some most concerning questions.

1, What is double glazing and how does it work?

insulated glass structure

Double glazing glass consists of two glass panels separated by an aluminum spacer sealing with butyl sealant and second structural sealant. The glass panels can be low-e glass, clear glass, tinted glass, reflective glass, ceramic frit glass, frosted glass, etc, tempered or annealed. Sometimes argon gas or krypton gas will be filled into the space of double glazed to enhance its soundproofing function and energy saving function.

Double glazed properties:

Product nameDouble glazing glass /Double glazed glass
Glass colorsLow iron, clear, grey, green, blue, bronze,
golden, etc.
Glass thickness5+5mm, 6+6mm, 8+8mm, etc.
Spacer6A, 9A, 12A, 15A, 18A, 20A, etc.
Argon filledoptional.
ApplicationsWindows, facade, curtain wall, partitions, etc
CertificationsCE, IGCC, ISO9001, CCC, etc.

2, How double glazing manufacturers produce double glazed glass units?

Shenzhen Dragon Glass as one of the best double glazing manufacturers in China is producing the double glazed glass in the following process:

  1. We cut the glass raw material to the desired sizes;
  2. The cute to size glass is transferred to the grinding line for edge polishing;
  3. If there are any holes, drill the holes on the drilling machines.
  4. The edgeworked glass is transferred to tempering furnace and endure about 700 degrees temperature and cool down rapidly to increase the strength and safety;
  5. The tempered glass panels are transferred to double insulating machines, with a dust-free environment and super good quality control, the double glazing glass quality is completely guaranteed.
insulating glass process
Double glazed glass process
double glazing glass matching sizes
Carefully matching the size of spacer and the glass with the butyl sealant.

3, Where is double glazing glass used?

  1. Window;
  2. Facade or curtain wall;
  3. Doors;
  4. Partition wall;
  5. Skylights;
  6. Roofing;
  7. Shopfront;


laminated safety glass applications
Double glazed applications.

4, How much of the ability of double glazing to reduce noise?

Different configurations such as the glass thickness, the spacer thickness, the gas-filled types, will influence the double glazed glass to reduce noise ability. Below are some types of noise reduction by the double-glazed glass.

Soundproofing function performance data for double glazed glass.
Soundproofing performance.

5, Some typical performance data for double glazing glass products:

As we all know, the double-glazed glass has very good energy-saving functions. The below table can show you how is our performance for your reference. Choose a kind which suits you or contact us for your best option!

double glazed glass performance
Double glazed glass performance data table.

6, Is double glazing worth it?

When you choose to use double glazing glass, the main concerns are for energy saving purposes as well as noise reduction functions. Single tempered glass is economical but offers only anti-impact function but double glazed glass can offer you a room environment cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. If you happen to live near a road, the double glazed glass will help you get away the noise as well. If the budget is ok, then surely double glazing worth it!

Double glazed glass can provide you a calm and comfortable environment.
Double glazed glass can provide you a calm and comfortable environment.

7, What will affect the double glazing cost?

Generally speaking, the factors for double glazing cost are as below:

  1. The configuration: such as glass thickness, spacer thickness, the glass type(coated glass or clear or tinted, etc).
  2. The size and quantity: as it will influence cutting rate, sharing cost, etc
  3. Better no holes, if holes are necessary, they will increase the double glazing cost as well.
  4. Shape: curved shape will slow the production and increase the difficulty for double glazing.


8, Why choose us?

  1. Shenzhen Dragon Glass is one of the top 3 double glazed glass manufacturers in Guangdong province in China.
  2. We adopt super high quality top A+ grade raw material such as the glass, the sealant, the spacer, the desiccant, etc.
  3. The most advanced processing machines to ensure the glass processed in accurate sizes, no edge or surface flaws, etc;
  4. We have a strict quality control system to make sure the glass quality meets all your needs!
  5. Large quantity capacity can make sure our lead time can meet your deadline requirement!
  6. 26 years of full experience and exportation, we can deal with different kinds of shipment problem;
  7. We have a professional technical team & always ready to serve you with any questions!

9, Certifications

Shenzhen Dragon Glass certifications for tempered, laminated, insulated glass

10, Packing details

Strong plywood crates packing details for double glazing glass
Strong plywood crates to ensure double glazed glass safety during shipment.

So would you like to use double glazing glass for your project?

Welcome to contact us for free quotation now!


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