China super strong 12mm+2.28PVB+12mm laminated glass elevator manufacturer

glass elevator 12mm clear tempered +2.28PVB+12mm clear tempered glass

China super strong 12mm+2.28PVB+12mm laminated glass elevator manufacturer

glass elevator 12mm clear tempered +2.28PVB+12mm clear tempered glass

1, What is glass elevator?

The glass elevator mostly will use a laminated glass configuration. It is using a strong laminated glass with very thick glass panels laminated by an interlayer of PVB or SGP material. To achieve a good transparent appearance as well as a strong anti-impact strength.

Nowadays most architects are choosing glass products to decorate a residential house or commercial buildings. Glass elevator not only can help you achieve a good sense of beauty but also provide a convenient solution to transfer humans from on floor to another floor. Especially when there are someone disabled or older people at a large house.

residential glass elevator
Residential glass elevator
Commercial glass elevator
Commercial glass elevator

2, How does a glass elevator manufacturer produce laminated glass elevator products?

Shenzhen Dragon Glass as a professional glass elevator manufacturer, can provide all kinds of designs for laminated glass elevator products.

Below is one of our typical configuration for subway glass elevator solution – 12mm clear FT +2.28PVB +12mm clear FT laminated glass.

1, 12mm clear glass is cut to size;

cutting machine
glass polishing edge

2, Do fine edge polishing for the 12mm clear glass, make sure no chips, no scratches during the process;

3, Drill holes according to CAD drawings;

glass holes drilling machine

4, Transfer the cut to size 12mm clear glass to the tempering furnace to heat up to around 700 degrees temperature and then cool down rapidly by strong wind jet. After the tempering process, the tempered glass strength can increase by 5 times than normal annealed glass. In this process, we control the tempering stress and the tempered uniformity as well.

tempered glass line
Super flat & spotless tempering machine

5, After tempering, the 12mm clear tempered glass is transferred to the lamination line. In a dust-free lamination room, the two 12mm clear full tempered glass panels will be pared with a 2.28pvb laminated in between, in this process, we will make sure there is no overstep for the glass or any contaminants laminated in the glass. Later the paired two glass panels will be sent to high autoclave, by heating to above 130 degrees temperature and endure high pressure pressing (around 3~5bar) for over 6 hours. Then the lamination between the glass and the PVB is permanently binding together.

Lamination process in a dust free room
Lamination process in a dust free room
High pressure glass lamination autoclave
High pressure glass lamination autoclave

6, After lamination is complete, clear the edge of the laminated glass. And pack the glass products in strong plywood crates to ensure shipment safety.

Clear the edge of the laminated glass
Clear the edge of the laminated glass

3, Shenzhen Dragon Glass laminated glass elevator properties:

Product name12mm+2.28PVB+12mm laminated glass elevator.
Glass colorsClear, other colors such as low iron, green, blue, grey, bronze, pink, etc.
Glass thickness12+12mm, other thickness customizable.
Interlayer materialPVB, other options such as SGP, EVA are available.
Interlayer thickness2.28PVB, for safety concern.
Interlayer colortranslucent, milky white, green, blue, grey, clear, bronze, yellow, pink, etc
Glass optionsclear laminated glass; low iron laminated glass; tinted laminated glass; ceramic frit glass;
digital printed glass; frosted glass; patterned glass; heat reflective glass; etc.
Quality standardASTM/CE highest standard.
Max size3200*12000mm

4, 12mm+2.28PVB+12mm laminated glass product details:

super flat laminated glass 1
Fine polished edgework low iron laminated glass for elevators.
Super accurate no over step holes drilling & matching.
color patterns laminated glass
Digital printed glass glass elevator residential application.

5, Certifications:

Certifications of Shenzhen Dragon Glass

6, Packing details:

Strong plywood crates packing details
Strong plywood crates packing and delivery.

If you have any similar projects, welcome to contact us now!


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