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Toughened glass price is varied here and there in China. Some are higher, some are lower. Many clients are confused when confronting so many options regarding the price of toughened glass. Here Shenzhen Dragon Glass will explain what is toughened glass and what factors are influencing the price of toughened glass. We will help you get the best quality base on the best price!

1, What is 8mm 10mm 12mm toughened glass?

8mm 10mm 12mm toughened glass is produced by heating the 8mm 10mm 12mm cut to size edgeworked glass sheets to around 650 degrees temperature in the glass tempering furnace and then cooled down rapidly by a strong wind jet. This thermal treatment can form a very strong compression on the 8mm 10mm 12mm toughened glass surface whereas still tense interior of the glass. This compression and tension are in balance status, which is also called pre-stress treatment.

glass toughening principle
Glass toughening principle

After the glass is toughened, the strength will increase 5 times compared to normal annealed glass. The thermal stability of toughened glass is also increased.

Toughened glass is rated as top A safety building glass according to many standards around the world. When the toughened glass is accidentally broken, it will break into small pieces particles with obtuse angles which will not harm human beings.

tempered glass spontaneous breakage
12mm toughened glass breakage

However toughened glass all has a potential risk of spontaneous breakage due to NiS contaminant, to reduce spontaneous breakage, heat soak test glass will be suggested.

2, 8mm 10mm 12mm toughened glass specifications:

Product nameToughened glass price / Price of toughened glass;
Glass colorsLow iron, clear, blue, green, grey, bronze, pink, golden, etc;
Glass typesClear toughened glass, tinted toughened glass, ceramic frit toughened glass,
solar reflective coating toughened glass, low e coating toughened glass, curved toughened glass;
digital printed toughened glass, frosted toughened glass, heat soaked test toughened glass, etc.
Glass shapeFlat/curved;
Glass edgeworkFine polished, matt polished, bevel edge, other edgework available;
Glass qualityTop A grade;
ApplicationsFacade, windows, doors, railing, fencing, etc.
Max size3200*12000mm
PackingStrong plywood crates.

3, The Applications for 8mm 10mm 12mm toughened glass:

  1. Partition wall;
  2. Shower door;
  3. Railing / balustrade / balcony / fencing;
  4. Doors;
  5. Windows;
  6. Facade/curtain wall;
  7. Tabletops;


toughened glass applications
Toughened glass applications.

4, How do we produce 8mm 10mm 12mm toughened glass?

  1. Cut the 8mm 10mm 12mm glass to your size;
  2. Do the edgework for the cut to size glass;
  3. Drill holes if there are any;
  4. Transfer the glass to the toughening furnace for toughening process;
  5. Packing and delivery.
Shenzhen Dragon Glass toughened glass price
Toughened glass process.

5, How do we guarantee our toughened glass quality?

  1. We adopt the best glass raw material with no bubbles no chips no scratches, etc;
  2. We have the best advanced glass processing machines to make sure glass size accuracy, no micro-cracks on the edge or surface, etc;
  3. During each process, we have a QC team for strict inspection to ensure there are no flaws.

Other details we can discuss if you have the interest to know more.

price of toughened glass and quality inspection
Toughened glass process inspection.

6, Our certifications:

Certifications of Shenzhen Dragon Glass, price of toughened glass, toughened glass price.

7, Our packing details:

Shenzhen Dragon Glass packing details
Strong plywood crates to ensure there is no breakage during the shipment.

8, What is your toughened glass price list?

From now and then, many clients will ask us, would you please send me your toughened glass price list?

Actually, the toughened glass price will be influenced by so many factors such as:

  1. Glass raw material quality grade;
  2. Glass thickness;
  3. Glass colors;
  4. Glass size: influence the cutting rate;
  5. Glass shape: such as flat or curved;
  6. Glass quantity: larger quantity, lower price;
  7. Holes or not;
  8. Edgework requirement;
  9. Glass quality standard requirement: Subject to CCC or CE or ASTM, as it will influence the tolerance control.

Other reasons such as season changes, supply and demand changes, etc will influence toughened glass prices as well.

Generally speaking, below is some price of toughened glass for reference:

Item Qty(SQM)  FOB Price(USD/SQM)
8mm clear toughened glass price 20012.3
10mm clear toughened glass price 20014.5
12mm clear toughened glass price 200 17.2
The typical price of toughened glass

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