Best 10 superior low e insulated glass suppliers

Low-E insulated glass

Best 10 superior low e insulated glass suppliers

Low-E insulated glass

1, What is the benefit of using clear low e insulated glass?

  1. Energy saving: low e insulated glass is one kind of energy saving glass. It is also called low emissivity glass. The functional coating silver material can reflect most of the solar infrared lights which is the main cause for heat transfer whereas the visual light not influenced. Thus making the interior side cool in summer. When it comes to winter, the low e insulating glass can prevent the heat transfer from the outside, thus making it warmer. This can greatly save the conditioner usage thus save electricity power, energy saving.
  2. Protection for the furniture: the UV light from the solar will do great harm to the furniture and make it color fade away fast. If you use low e insulating glass windows or curtain wall, it will reflect most of the UV light and protect your furniture.
  3. Soundproofing: low e insulated glass is using double panel glass with low e coating separated by an aluminum spacer, sometimes argon will be filled into the spacing to enhance the performance. This kind of configuration provides the low e insulating glass very good soundproof function, you can totally ignore the noise outside and take a reading without disturbing or sleep like a baby.
  4. Safety: low e insulated glass is safety glass. Most of the time, it will use both toughened glass panels which will make the strength really high and unbreakable. It is able to endure a strong impact.
Shenzhen Dragon Glass low e insulated glass sunroom
Super soundproofing & warm keeping clear low e insulated glass room

2, How is low e insulating glass processed?

  • Sputter the low e coating material onto the glass surface using a large area coating line;
  • cut the low e glass and the other glass subject to the final size of products;
  • do the edgework for both panels;
  • Transfer the glass to the tempering machines and temper;
  • Insulated the low e glass and other panels together by insulating lines and become final low e insulating glass.
Large area low e glass coating line
Shenzhen Dragon Glass low e insulated glass process
Shenzhen Dragon Glass coating glass insulated glass producing process

3, How to choose low e insulated glass type? Double or triple pane low e argon windows?

Several tips for refer:

  1. Consider where you use this glass for? If you are using for residential windows, double pane low e insulated glass windows will be perfect, if you are using for extremely cold area, consider triple pane low e argon windows will be better.
  2. Transmittance concern, if you would like to have more visual light, consider high transmittance low e insulating glass. If you are near the equator, low transmittance low e coating glass is suggested.
  3. Color reference, multiple reflective colors for the low e insulating glass for choice, neutral grey, silver, golden, light blue, etc.
  4. Budget concern, we can design the perfect solution according to your budget and requirements.

4, Applications:

Low e insulating glass has great advantages in energy saving and soundproofing function, multiple choices for designers and architects to choose, thus making it very suitable for the facade, curtain wall, skylights, doors, glass walls, etc.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass low e insulated glass projects.
Applications for double or triple pane low e argon windows.

5, Features of Shenzhen Dragon Glass low e insulated glass

Products nameLow e insulated glass/Low e insulating glass
FunctionEnergy saving glass
Glass colorClear, ultra clear, grey, bronze, blue, green, etc
Glass coating colorClear, neutral grey, silver, grey, golden, blue, etc
Glass thickness5mm~15mm
Spacer thickness6A, 9A, 12A, 14A, 15A, etc
Gas filledArgon gas filled windows, dry air, etc.
Coating typeSingle low e coating, double low e coating, triple low e coating, solar reflective coating
Glass applicationsFacade, curtain wall, windows, skylights, etc
PerformanceU<1.8 W/m2·K
Max size2500*7000mm
Capacity4000 SQM/day

6, Why choose Shenzhen Dragon Glass?

  1. We are a professional glass manufacturer since 1994, has full experience in glass production.
  2. Advanced machines make sure glass size accurate, easy for installation with no tolerance.
  3. 100+ experienced engineers and operators guarantee glass quality fabulous.
  4. Large quantity capacity provides a competitive low e insulated glass price.
  5. With a strict quality control system, we have 30+ QC inspectors following production, making sure each process no mistakes or flaws.
  6. We also have Lisec intelligent plant to fully guarantee the delivery time.
  7. Multiple certifications: CE, SGCC, IGCC, BS, ISO9001, etc.
  8. Fast response time: if you have questions or problems would like to solve, we will respond in one minute and provide solutions in 24 hours.

7, Certifications

Shenzhen Dragon Gass certifications for tempered, lamianted, insulated glass

8, Packing details

Strong plywood crate to make sure glass safety during long distance transportation.

Welcome to send your inquiry and let’s provide the best solutions for you!


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