The fibre laminated glass

Fiber laminated glass is made of two or three layers of glass with PVB or SGP or EVA in the glass between, to process with high temperature and high pressure.
it can be toughened or do not do the toughened. For the glass sheets, you have used to make laminated glass, can behave many choices, like using patterned glass, tinted glass, acid etching glass, sandblasting glass, low e energy saving glass, and so on.

The benefits of laminated glass

  1. high safety and Energy-saving building materials: film Laminated glass can controlling solar energy transmittance, thereby reducing the indoor air conditioning load.
  2. Create aesthetic sense to buildings: PVB/EVA Laminated glass with a tinted interlayer will with excellent decorative effect
  3. Sound control: PVB/SGP/EVA Interlayer Film is effective to absorb of sound.
    Fiber laminated glass widely used in modern construction, such as window, door, balustrade, shower room, partition, floor, roof, curtain wall, greenhouse, etc.

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