Super elegant 5+5mm low iron laminated fluted glass for interior designs

Low iron laminated fluted glass can be used as partitions, shower doors, office decorations, elevator places, railings, etc.

Here is a sample of our low iron fluted glass videos. It contains 5mm low iron glass and 5mm low iron fluted glass, both are tempered with high strength. Combined with high quality EVA interlayer and achieving great art appreciation value.

  • Fluted glass thickness: 5mm~19mm;
  • Fluted glass shapes: flat/curved;
  • Fluted glass patterns: can be oem according to clients’ design.
  • Production time: 15 days;
  • Samples: available in 5 days.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass is a professional fluted glass supplier in China. We can provide you all types of decorative glass.

If you have any interest to know more of our low iron laminated fluted glass, welcome to contact us now!

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