Excellent quality 12mm padel glass drilling holes details

As we all know, padel is now played by over 10 million players and has become the fastest-growing sport in the world. As a professional padel glass manufacturer, Shenzhen Dragon Glass offers the best prices and fully guarantees quality padel glass for padel court construction.

We shape the material in our factory, taking all details into account, in a flow production system featuring specialized storage, cutting, drilling, assembly, and rack packaging processes.

Here we have some videos to show how do we drill flared holes for padel court glass.

Padel court glass drilling flared holes detail

We use a high-precision vertical glass drilling machine to place padel glass vertically, and use numerical control to control the movement of the drill and glass. The man-machine interface is combined with PLC automatic control. After inputting the drilling parameters, the machine automatically completes the positioning and drilling. High positioning accuracy and fast speed. During operation, you only need to put the padel court glass on the conveyor belt, input the drilling position data, start the button, and drill all the holes after automatic positioning, and automatically stop after finishing the work. The drilling efficiency is high and the hole positions are accurate.

You can see our work in the video, after drilling, our operator will measure every hole of every piece of padel glass. Ensure full compliance with drawings and customer requirements.

Why choose Shenzhen Dragon Glass as your padel glass supplier?

● Almost twenty years of experience
As a professional glass manufacturer since 1994, Shenzhen Dragon Glass offers the best prices and fully guarantees quality padel court glass for many trading companies and padel court factories in Europe.

Quality materials
Top-grade A tempered padel glass has no bubbles, chips, and scratches with a perfect surface.

On-time and efficient delivery
Send us the drawing, we can finish it on time within 7~10 days.

● Quality certification
All our padel glass is subject to the highest quality standards CE-certified with the and test report according to BS standard.

It’s great to see so many people choose Shenzhen Dragon Glass as your padel glass supplier, we absolutely supply the best padel court glass at the best prices.

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