Super good padel tennis court glass 12mm clear tempered glass with flared holes

12mm clear tempered glass with flared holes for padel tennis court glass.

  • No flaws such as bubbles, chips, scratches, stones, etc;
  • Polished edges with all sides;
  • Super accurate sizes, easy for installation;
  • High tempering stress>95Mpa, tempering stress uniformity<8Mpa;
  • 100% inspection before delivery.

12mm clear tempered glass has been widely used as a padel tennis court glass fencing wall. It can endure strong impact and offer high safety function, provides a good experience for padel tennis exercise and good view for the audience.

With strong packing details, we can ship to clients all around the world.

Strong packing for padel tennis court glass
Shenzhen Dragon Glass strong packing details.

We Shenzhen Dragon Glass are providing padel glass for clients around the world for 24 containers every month. If you have any inquiries related to such projects, welcome to contact us at any time!

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