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When you think of some of the world’s most renowned buildings, they most likely involve Jumbo size glass of architectural glass. Architectural glass can provide several benefits, including increased aesthetics and energy efficiency.

Architects all over the world are building on an important trend: oversized glass. Advances in glass manufacturing and coating have made it possible to produce jumbo size glass with added performance benefits and wide aesthetic options. Large, uninterrupted expanses of glass can now enhance building performance, improve energy savings and amplify the occupant experience. The opportunity to maximize the value of glass is bigger than ever before.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass Jumbo glass

What is Jumbo glass?

Exactly what is considered “jumbo” when it comes to a glass panel?  No formal size currently denotes oversize. In our questions to architects, their responses noted a range of widths from 2100mm/82” wide to 2500mm/98” and heights that went from a 4070mm/160” to 5600mm/220”- this size variation  shows that there’s a wide range of perceptions of what constitutes the term  “oversize.”

In fact, oversize glass is all around us. You can see extensive use of glass or windows in every major city and beyond, the most response was the growing desire for more natural light, which will lead to improved occupant well-being, comfort, and productivity. We are very much aware of this need driven by the demands of the market, producing jumbo size glass it’s also the greatest breakthrough for us.

What is the jumbo glass panel size can we produce?

>> Max Size: 3200mm*12000mm

>> Thickness: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm ~ 110mm are available as made-to-order

>> Glass Type: Jumbo laminated glass, Jumbo tempered glass, Jumbo insulated glass, Jumbo fluted glass, Jumbo curved glass

Shenzhen Dragon Glass Jumbo glass
Multilayer jumbo laminated glass
Shenzhen Dragon Glass Jumbo glass
Jumbo tempered glass

Glass quality is a major priority in the fabrication, and it can be a critical issue that relates directly to the people’s safety, building look, and performance of glass. As the jumbo glass panel size get larger, we have to ensure the proper equipment is used and have to have the capabilities for the entire fabrication process.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass Jumbo glass
Jumbo float glass is readily available
Shenzhen Dragon Glass Jumbo glass
Maximize oversized glass

5 application trends in commercial jumbo glass

How to incorporate oversized glass in your design? Using jumbo size glass on architectural projects helps to create that instant ‘wow’ factor for a design. Modern glass technology has now expanded contemporary design capabilities, providing architectural solutions and still maintaining a slim and modern profile.

1, Low Iron Jumbo Size Glass Walls

The beauty of structural glazing is the glass walls can be designed with glass units of any jumbo glass panel size required. With long units of glass available, you could create a glass wall from a single pane of glazing. The specification and fixing details can be designed specifically for the project, all fixing details were designed to be hidden, creating a large glass wall that is completely frameless.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass Jumbo glass
Use jumbo size glass with lower iron content for optimal daylight

2, Jumbo tempered glass doors

Shenzhen Dragon Glass Jumbo glass

Jumbo tempered glass doors provide double the height and double the light.

An inherent characteristic of oversized glass is its natural transparency and light transmission. Its main purpose, when used within architectural and building design, is to introduce high levels of natural light into a space and to allow vision out of the house to promote a feeling of openness.

3, Oversized IGUs for large windows

When you looking to install an unusually jumbo glass panel size window, it is important that you invest in glass that has been made using the highest quality materials to make them maintenance-free and long-lasting. ⁣

The visible light transmittance of Shenzhen Dragon Glass oversized IGUs systems is normally in the range of 3-80% and the visible light reflectance is in the range of 10-50% and has a good soundproof function. When installed properly, these windows enable you to enjoy every day during winter and summer.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass Jumbo glass
Oversize windows can allow the sun to enter your living space without interruption flooding the room with natural light

4, Multilayer jumbo laminated glass for unique buildings

Multilayer jumbo laminated glass is two or more pieces of glass permanently bonded together with one or more plastic interlayers (PVB) using heat and pressure. Meet building code standards and requirements as necessary.  Heat-strengthened and jumbo tempered glass can be incorporated into jumbo laminated glass units to further strengthen the impact resistance

Shenzhen Dragon Glass Jumbo glass
swimming pool viewing glass

Jumbo laminated glass contributes to strength and unique coloration.

luxury design aquarium glass

Shenzhen Dragon Glass Jumbo glass

5,  Create drama curtain walls with bent jumbo size glass

All-glass facades are increasingly shaping today’s urban skylines. Whether part of the facade structure or integrated into a curtain wall, oversize glass has become an ideal material for building envelopes since it offers numerous benefits. Special jumbo laminated glass solutions used in facades provide protection from wind and falls while reducing noise from the outside world.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass Jumbo glass
Jumbo size curved glass panels create a bold, timeless silhouette

Benefits of oversize glass

How to choose a jumbo glass sheet size?

In recent years, bigger and bigger jumbo glass sheet sizes have entered the market, creating a range of options and availability. Properly executed architectural oversized glass is a magnificent thing, the maximum size depends on the glass specifications and performance requirements of each project. Each application will need to be discussed between the design team and the window fabricator, to ensure all specifications and site conditions are understood and accounted for.

>> A few points will affect choosing a jumbo glass sheet size:

  1. Maximum glass size depends on the glass specifications requested.
  2. Site-specific engineered wind loads must be taken into consideration.
  3. Window frame components must be able to load-carrying capacity to an oversized glass.
  4. Site-specific performance requirements will also affect the sizing.
Shenzhen Dragon Glass Jumbo glass

If you are interested in including oversized glass on your own architectural project just get in touch with the team at Shenzhen Dragon Glass. We can help advise on solutions, glass specification, performance, and typical details. We can also give you an overview of what will be possible for your specific project requirements.

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