Best-selling curved shower door glass in 2022

Nowadays, the curved glass shower door is becoming more and more popular because curved shower door glass adds beauty to any bathroom, making this place as elegant and comfortable as possible. If you ask any homeowner about their favorite part of their homes and they will probably mention the bathroom. This is because it’s the one place they find relaxation and peace while refreshing their bodies after a long exhausting day.

Curved shower screens can be created in an extremely wide selection of fabrication, finishes, and glass options. Shenzhen Dragon Glass curved glass shower door is engineered to high standards for maximum reliability.

 curved shower door glass from Shenzhen Dragon Glass

Curved Shower Door Glass Production Detail

Basically, curved shower door glass is produced in two main forms – hot bending glass & cold bending glass.

Hot bending shower door glass

 curved shower door glass from Shenzhen Dragon Glass

Hot bending shower door glass is annealed gravity bending. Produce curved glass usually begin with steel pieces. That forms a mold as a baseline for the glass that they will bend into the desired shape.

The glass panel is placed on or into a mold and the whole thing is loaded back into the kiln. Once the kiln reaches the desired temperature – about 700 degrees C – the molecules in the glass begin to speed up and it begins to melt and bend, melding into the shape of the mold. The kiln is very slowly cooled down, completing the curved glass. This method allows you to achieve many different shapes.

 curved shower door glass from Shenzhen Dragon Glass
 curved shower door glass from Shenzhen Dragon Glass

Cold bending shower door glass

Cold bent shower door glass is also called curved tempered glass or curved toughened glass. It is processed in a tempered oven. After the desired shape is achieved in the curved mold in the tempering line, It will be cooled down rapidly to room temperature with the strong windjet. Cold bending glass (curved toughened glass) has 5 times higher strength than normal annealed glass.

 curved shower door glass from Shenzhen Dragon Glass

The cold bending process

The cold-bent glass product

 curved shower door glass from Shenzhen Dragon Glass

Curved Shower Screens Features

  • Attractiveness: Curved shower screens generally look sleek and chic. They lend your bathroom a sense of class, modernity, and cleanliness. They do not fight for attention with other design elements; rather, they make your bathroom space look more unified and polished by allowing other design objects to pop.
  • Durable: The tempered shower screen glass is treated to strengthen it and make it scratch and shatter-resistant. With proper maintenance, tempered curved shower screens can last as long as your home.
  • Customizable: Shenzhen Dragon Glass gives you an opportunity to create custom shower screens glass for your bathroom. The element of customization becomes particularly useful when it comes to bathrooms with renovated showers. The curved glass panel will help you smooth out any irregular, tight, or awkward shapes to ensure a seamless fit.
  • Low Maintenance: Curved glass shower panel generally do not require any maintenance beyond regular cleaning to remove soap residue and water spots. The tempered glass material will typically last longer than the door hardware, frames, and other accessories.
  • Transparency: The curved glass shower panel creates an organic flow that opens up your bathroom and makes it look larger. The curved shower screens also allow more light into the enclosure which can be very useful if you haven’t installed a light source over the shower.

Curved Shower Screens Glass Properties

Production name: curved shower door glass, curved shower screens glass, curved glass panel,
curved glass shower panel, curved shower wall glass
Glass color:ultra-clear, clear, grey, green, blue, bronze, ect
Glass thickness:6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 5+5mm, 6+6mm, customizable
Further process:digital printing, ceramic fritting, frosting, sandblasting, laminating, etc
Quality:Subject to CE/ASTM/AS/BS/ISO9001, etc
Packing: Strong plywood crates

Custom Curved Shower Door Glass Idea

In Shenzhen Dragon Glass you will be pleased to note that curved shower door glass comes in different shapes, types, and shower screens designs. Here gives you even more options to customize your bathroom and add more beauty and sophistication.

Packing and Delivery

 curved shower door glass from Shenzhen Dragon Glass
sturdy plywood crates to ensure safety during long-distance transportation

From reading this article I hope you’ve seen clear to know about screen types, color, and glass options of shower screens. Even smarter glass shower door options here in Shenzhen Dragon Glass.

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