China factory price 5mm 6mm 8mm ESG golden reflective glass for facade glass curtain wall

In the architectural glass world, golden reflective glass is distinctive because of its golden reflective effect. Its main feature is to reduce the solar heat from the sunlight achieving saving energy. Golden reflective coating glass also increases the aesthetics of the building comparing normal tinted float glass.

golden reflective glass
5mm gold reflective glass sample

What is golden reflective glass?

Golden reflective coating glass is a type of glass with a metallic coating that reduces and reflects solar heat. It has a pretty good mirror effect. The coatings are available in silver, copper, gold, blue, etc. ESG gold reflective glass is widely used for facade and curtain wall.

There are two different ways of manufacturing gold reflective glass – production pyrolitic process and vacuum (magnetron) process.

Production Pyrolitic (On-line)
In this process, semi-conducted metal oxides are directly applied to the glass during float glass production. The metallic coating is impregnated right into the surface of the glass. These coatings are called hard coatings and the best feature of this product is durable

Vacuum (Magnetron) Process (Off-line)
During the production process, one or more coatings of metallic oxide are applied under a vacuum to finished glass panel. The coatings are soft and require protection from the external environment or avoid using it directly. The products are mostly used for low-e double glazed glass.

golden reflective glass
golden reflective coating glass

Coating glass production line in our factory

golden reflective glass
golden reflective glass
golden reflective glass

Golden reflective glass benefits

  • The golden reflective effect is very decorative making your building stand out
  • Reduce heat transfer from the sun, keeping the interior cooler
  • Saving more electricity fees because of less air conditioning usage
  • Blocking harmful UV rays and protecting curtains and furniture from fading
  • Lowering the glare from the sun


Product name: ESG gold reflective glass
Finished product types: insulated reflective glass, laminated reflective glass, monolithic glass
Glass thickness: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm
Glass color: green, grey, gold, blue, light blue, grey blue, and other tinted glass colors
Visible light transmittance: 20% – 80%, customized
Normal glass sheet size: 2440*3660mm, 2140*3660mm, 2140*3300mm, 2140*1830mm, 1830*1220mm
Maximum size: 2440*6000mm
Production time: 7-15 days
Certificates: CCC/CE/SGCC/ISO9001
Packing: Strong exporting wooden cases

Packing details

golden reflective glass
golden reflective glass
golden reflective glass
golden reflective coating glass


golden reflective coating glass
ESG golden reflective coating glass for curtain wall
golden reflective coating glass
ESG golden reflective coating glass for facade

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