Sound insulating glass 5+12A+5 clear low e insulated glazing glass suppliers China

insulated glazing glass

Sound insulating glass 5+12A+5 clear low e insulated glazing glass suppliers China

insulated glazing glass

1, What is 5+12A+5 clear low e insulated glazing glass?

5+12A+5 clear low e insulated glazing glass is using one panel of 5mm clear tempered low e glass and the other of 5mm clear tempered glass panel to form a sound-insulating configuration separated by a 12mm thick aluminum spacer. This configuration will be sealed with the first sealing of butyl sealant and then the second sealing with structural sealant around the insulating glass edges. Sometimes, argon gas will be injected into the insulating chamber to enhance the soundproofing and energy saving functions.

Insulated glazing glass structure
The sound-insulating glass structure

2, Features:

  • Super good soundproofing function with noise deduction >30dB+;
  • Excellent energy saving function with U value<1.8W/m2K;
  • Multiple options for colors appearance by adopting different tinted glass substrate or different coating types(Such as single low e or double low e or solar reflective coating, etc);
  • Long lifespan guaranteed(no leaking point);

3, Specifications:

  • Production name: 5+12A+5 clear insulated low e glass;
  • Glass color: clear, other tinted color such as low iron, gray, bronze, blue, green, etc;
  • Glass thickness: 5+5mm, other thickness such as 6+6mm 8+8mm 10+10mm, 12+12mm, or 5+6mm 6+8mm 8+10mm etc all will be available;
  • Glass shape: flat/curved;
  • Certification: CE/CCC/ISO9001/IGCC/AS, etc;
  • Packing: Strong plywood crates;
  • Samples: Free! Available in 5 days.
  • Production time: 15 days after order confirmed;
  • Further process: Ceramic frit, frosted, digital printing, etc.

4, Quality:

  • Subject to ASTM standard;
  • Subject to CE standard;
  • Subject to ISO 9001;
  • Subject to AS.

5, Excellent energy saving performance:

Typical types of performance data for reference:

Energy saving performance of double glazing glass
Energy saving performance data for reference.

Sometimes, argon gas will be adopted to enhance the heat isolating & soundproofing performance. Also, increasing the spacer(12A) or adopting a warm edge spacer will make it higher performance too.

6, Good soundproofing functions:

As one type of the best sound insulating glass products, 5+12A+5 insulated glazing glass has superb sound insulating functions which can ensure you have a good quiet room for rest and reading. The soundproofing performance as below:

Insulated glazing glass soundproofing performance
Soundproofing performance data.

7, Applications:

5+12A+5 insulated low e glass can be used in facades, curtain walls, windows, doors, partitions, etc.

insulated glazing glass applications

8, Production details:

Shenzhen Dragon Glass as one of the best insulated glazing glass suppliers in China can provide you excellent quality insulated low e glass products at a fast lead time and the best price.

Insulated glass products details.
Insulated glass products details.

9, Certifications:

Shenzhen Dragon Glass certifications.

10, Packing details:

packing details
Packing details.

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