11.52mm Aluminium Glass Railing Super Durable Modern Balcony Glass Railing from China

When it comes to making a choice on guardrails for your house, many people are torn between enhancing safety without compromising on elegance and aesthetics. Now you will get a perfect solution that is an aluminium glass railing system. Traditional railing system such as iron and wood have been in use for so many years that they are a little bit outdated. As technology advances, glass railing systems have become a stylish, durable, and versatile design option.

aluminium glass railing
frameless aluminium glass railing

1. Production process of laminated glass railing

2. Tempered lass railing vs laminated glass railing

Although both of them are safety glass, they have different features.

a. When tempered glass breaks, the whole glass will become many pieces of shatters that are not sharp. In the case of pvb laminated glass, or sgp laminated glass, broken glass pieces will still remain on the glass panel because the glass is permanently bonded to the plastic interlayer.

b. Even with the same thickness, laminated glass tends to be more expensive than monolithic tempered glass. Laminated glass requires more production processes.

c. If you have a limited budget, monolithic tempered glass will be your best choice. Choose laminated glass if you don’t want any broken glass shards on your floor when broken

3. Advantages of full glass railing

Durability:Compared to iron and wood, aluminium glass railing has a much longer lifetime. No more worries about iron rust, or wood decay.
Safety:Most of the full glass railing is using toughened safety glass or laminated safety glass, it has pretty high impact resistance, and even if broken, you are not likely to get injured.
Easy to clean:Not easy to get dirty and easy to clean
Low maintenance costs:Because of the high strength and durability, the glass breaks rate is pretty low.
Increase the sense of space:Glass is transparent which makes your house look brighter and more spacious.
Customized:We have kinds of designs, shapes, thickness, and colors, for your reference, custom glass balustrade is available
Easy to Install:There are only two parts, glass and aluminium profiles, which make the installation easier compared to iron railings or wooden railings.

4. Product details

aluminium glass railing
blue laminated glass
aluminium glass railing
clear laminated glass
aluminium glass railing
sandblasted laminated glass

5. Specifications

Product name: aluminium glass railing
Type of glass: tempered glass, pvb laminated glass
Glass color: clear, extra clear, blue, bronze, grey, tinted glass
Glass thickness: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 4+4mm, 5+5mm, 6+6mm
Size: customized
Shape: curved glass railing, flat glass railing
Certificates: CE/ASTM/ISO9001
Packing: exporting strong wooden cases

6. Applications

aluminium glass railing
aluminium glass railing by the sea
aluminium glass railing
aluminium glass railing for fence
aluminium glass railing
modern balcony glass railing
aluminium glass railing
modern balcony glass railing
aluminium glass railing
aluminium glass railing for yard fence

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