5 important reasons for the unqualified laminated glazing in production

What is laminated glazing?

Laminated glazing is a type of safety glass with two pieces of glass or more than two, separated by an interlayer and bonded together by processing. The interlayer of laminated glazing is mainly wet chemical slurry, EVA film, PVB film, ion polymerization interlayer, etc.

Laminated glass as a safety glass panel has the best comprehensive performance. It is widely used in construction, and its demand is also increasing these years. However, there are more and more small and medium-sized factories, so the quality of glass lamination sheet is different because of the production equipment and production materials. Unqualified laminated glazing always exists, and the unqualified rate of environmental performance (heat resistance, moisture resistance, radiation resistance) is relatively high, like bubbles in the interlayers, degumming, and discoloring or turbidity.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass provides high-quality laminated glazing

laminated glass product

Shenzhen Dragon Glass provides high-quality laminated glazing

laminated glass product

The reasons for the unqualified glass lamination sheet

There are many reasons for the unqualified glass lamination sheet. Every procedure during production will influence the quality. In the article, we discuss the aspects of personnel, equipment, materials, production methods, and production environment.

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1. The personnel

In laminated glass production, the personnel of management, raw material purchasing, production, and quality inspection play an important role in product quality. If there is anything wrong with the steps, it results in low-quality products.

2. The equipment

When vacuum equipment is needed, it should be tested or examed in advance to make sure all the devices are working well during the process, some control devices such as pressure, speed, and temperature.

3. The materials

When the two or more layers of glass used to form the laminated glass are tempered glass or curved tempered glass, the waveform may be bent too much or the curved surfaces may not fit well, resulting in too large interstices and poor adhesion. The procurement and inspection of the interlayer materials for laminated glass (chemical glue, EVA film, PVB film, ion polymerization interlayer, etc.) are also very important. Many defects are due to the failure to effectively control the purchased raw materials.

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4. Different production processes

  • Wet laminated glass is used with chemical glue as the interlayer, the main reason for the unqualified products is that the filling amount of chemical glue is insufficient.
  • When producing laminated glass with EVA film, the vacuum degree, the heating temperature, and time should be considered to meet the requirements.
  • When producing laminated glass with PVB film or ion polymerized, it should be distinguished whether the pre-pressing process is rolling, vacuuming, or both. It should be considered whether the inspection is unqualified due to insufficient vacuum. When both situations exist in the pre-compression process, we should pay attention at the same time.

In addition, it is also necessary to consider whether the operation of the autoclave meets the production requirements.

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5. The production environment

Regardless of the type of laminated glass, we should pay attention to the production environment and the environment where the glass and interlayer materials are stored. If the glass and interlayer materials are polluted, the finished products are unqualified.

When the temperature and humidity are not substandard in a lamination room, especially for dry-process laminated glass (the interlayer is PVB films or ion polymerization), it is also one of the reasons for the unqualified products.

The effect of unqualified laminated glass on finished glass

As an important part of architectural glass, defects in the production process will directly affect the appearance and life of the finished product.


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