Super elegant kiln formed glass with good decorative effect

What is the kiln formed glass?

Kiln formed glass, also known as crystal three-dimensional glass, Kiln formed glass surpasses the existing glass form, gives full play to the artistic conception of designers and processors and integrates modern or classical art forms into the glass so that the flat glass can be processed with various uneven and colorful artistic effects. There are many types at present, can be used in large-scale wall embedded glass, partition glass, integrated bathroom glass washbasins, finished mirror frames, glass art ornaments, etc. The scope of application is very wide due to its unique glass material and artistic effect.

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How to fabricate kiln forming glass?

Kiln-formed glass is made of a special kiln furnace, flat glass, and inorganic color materials as the main raw materials. A specific heating program and annealing curve are set. Above the softening point of the heated glass, a special forming mold is formed and annealed, if necessary, then process after engraving, drilling, tempering, laminating, etc.


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Table Top
glass railing
Stair railing
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  • Product name: Kiln forming glass ;
  • Glass thickness:6-19 mm
  • Functions: Aesthetic, can be cut, tempered, laminated, coated, three-dimensional texture, strong visual impact, good decorative effect etc
  • Produksjonstid:10-15 dager
  • Kapasitet: 2500 kvm per dag
  • Color: Clear, ultra clear, tinted, frosted,etc.



Pakking og levering:

Strong plywood crate packing to avoid the damage of glass during long-distance transportation.

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