China excellent 6+1.52pvb+6 clear tinted colored laminated glass for windows manufacturers

laminated glass for windows

China excellent 6+1.52pvb+6 clear tinted colored laminated glass for windows manufacturers

laminated glass for windows

1, Product description of laminated glass for windows products.

Laminated glass for windows is the perfect selection as it has functions such as super high strength and can endure strong impact without breaking, even when it is broken by accident, the broken pieces will not shatter and glue together with the pvb interlayer, completely human harmless glass.

Laminated glass for windows
Laminated glass for windows

2, What are the laminated glass windows benefits?

  • Soundproofing function: can help provide you a good quiet environment for reading or resting;
  • Safety function: endure a strong impact without breakage, even broken, the glass pieces will still stick together by the pvb interlayer and stand still;
  • Decoration function: using digital printing or ceramic frit printing or frosted glass for laminated glass windows, the decoration effects will be great;
  • Energy saving function: laminated glass has the ability to reflect certain solar heat and UV lights, choosing solar reflective coated glass or online Low-E glass for the laminated glass windows, will enhance its energy-saving functions;

3, Laminated glass vs tempered glass, which one should I use?

Both tempered glass and laminated glass are rated as safety glass.

Tempered glass is produced by heating edge worked float glass to its soft temperature and cooling down rapidly by strong wind to form a strong compression on the glass surface and equivalent tension in the glass interior. This thermal treatment increases tempered glass strength 5 times higher than normal annealed glass.

Laminated glass is produced by combining two pieces of non-tempered or tempered glass panels together by an interlayer such as pvb or sgp or Eva, under a strong compression and high temperature to form a permanent joining. Laminated glass combines both glass strength together with pvb, making the laminated glass not only high strength but also super tough.

So to answer the question, laminated glass vs tempered glass, which one should I choose? Let’s check tempered glass defects: Tempered glass is strong and can endure strong impact. Tempered glass will have an inevitable potential risk of self-explosion due to NiS contamination. If tempered glass is broken, it will shatter into small pieces with obtuse angles.

Whereas laminated glass has multiple functions mentioned above. Even when it is broken, it will still stand for a certain time. This can help users or installers get some extra time for laminated glass windows replacement.

Therefore, laminated glass product is more recommended for windows if the budget allowed.

Tempered glass breakage
Tempered glass breakage
Laminated glass breakage
Laminated glass breakage

4, How much is laminated glass windows sound reduction?

Below is a table for the tempered and laminated glass sound reduction data. Choose the best option of laminated glass windows for you!

Laminated glass for windows sound reduction performance data
Laminated glass for windows sound reduction performance data

5, Laminated glass manufacturing process

Shenzhen Dragon Glass as one of the best laminated glass manufacturers provides a laminated glass manufacturing process as below:

  1. Cut the raw glass material to size;
  2. Do the edge works for the cut to size glass;
  3. Drill holes if there are any;
  4. Tempering process under 600~700 degree temperature;
  5. Transfer the tempered glass to laminated lines;
  6. Finish and packed the laminated glass products in strong plywood crates.
laminated glass process
Laminated glass process

6, Shenzhen Dragon Glass laminated glass specifications

Product nameLaminated glass for windows;
Glass colorsclear, ultra-clear, blue, green, bronze, grey, etc
Glass thickness6+6mm, 1/4″+0.060″+1/4″, thickness customizable.
PVB colorRed, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Grey, etc Vanceva color system.
PVB thickness1.52PVB, others like multiple layers of 0.38mm are available.
Glass typeAnnealed laminated glass for windows; heat strengthened laminated glass for windows;
tempered laminated glass for windows; heat soaked test laminated glass for windows;
coated laminated glass for windows; ceramic frit laminated glass for windows;
digital printed laminated glass for windows; frosted laminated glass for windows; etc
QualitySubject to CE/ASTM standard.
Max size3200*12000mm

7, Laminated glass for windows products details:

Different types of laminated glass products
Different types of laminated glass products

Multiple colors laminated glass designs:

Different color laminated glass

8, Laminated glass for windows:

Laminated glass for french doors
Laminated glass for french doors

9, How much does laminated glass for windows cost?

Shenzhen Dragon Glass – one of the most professional laminated glass manufacturers offers laminated glass panels for sale. Generally speaking, laminated glass windows cost will be affected by several factors such as:

  1. Glass sizes: glass size will affect the cutting rate of glass raw material, therefore the price as well;
  2. Glass thickness: different thicknesses will be subject to different laminated glass prices, the thicker, the price higher, common sense;
  3. PVB interlayer thickness: the different thicknesses of the pvb will be charged differently;
  4. Quantity: the larger quantity of laminated glass windows you ordered, when sharing all the costs of raw material, labor cost, machine cost, electricity cost, local transportation cost, etc; the price will be much more economical.
  5. Other factors like season changes, etc;

Let’s negotiate to find the best satisfying solution together!


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