Super tough 10mm+10mm+10mm unbreakable toughened laminated glass flooring system

structural glass floor

Super tough 10mm+10mm+10mm unbreakable toughened laminated glass flooring system

structural glass floor
Production name10+10+10mm toughened laminated glass flooring system;
33.04mm laminated structural glass floor;
Glass colorClear, other colors such as low iron, tinted like blue, green,
grey, bronze, etc;
Glass thickness10+10+10; other thickness such as 8+8+8, 12+12+12,
8+8+8+8, 10+10+10+10, 12+12+12+12, etc;
PVB colorclear, milky white, green, blue, yellow, red, bronze,
golden, etc.
Max size2440*3660mm for glass floor. But max 1.5*1.5m is
suggested because of glass stiffness and deflection control.
Framealuminum or stainless steel.
Sample300*300mm or other sizes.

What is 33.04mm toughened laminated glass floor?

33.04mm toughened laminated structural glass floor is using 3 layers of 10mm toughened glass laminated by two layers of 1.52PVB in between. Usually, the glass flooring system will have anti-slip treatment on the glass floor surface. Structural glass floor system will provide equal structural strength as concrete or other construction material if strictly calculated by structural design. What’s important is that the structural glass floor will give you a breathtaking view of the downstairs and provide you a good sense of modern beauty.

toughened laminated glass flooring system
Structural glass floor system.


  • 1, Equivalent high strength as other construction material such as concrete, wood floor, etc;
  • 2, Breathtaking view, enhance interests of life;
  • 3, Unbreakable, can endure a super-strong impact without breaking;
  • 4, Multiple anti-slip patterns available or decorative colors optional.


  • 1, Production name: 10+10+10mm clear toughened laminated glass floor system;
  • 2, Color: clear, sometimes obscure because of the anti-slip treatment. Another tinted color or colored pvb for decoration is also available.
  • 3, Glass quality: Top A grade with no flaws;
  • 4, Glass thickness: 10+10+10, other thickness such as 8+8+8 or 12+12+12 or four layers lamination is also available;
  • 5, Interlayer: 1.52PVB, we can also provide SGP laminated glass;
  • 6, Process: cutting, edging, acid-etching, tempering, laminating, packing, etc;
  • 7, PDLC film is optional for additional magic functions.
  • 8, Packing: strong plywood crates;
  • 9, Lead time: 20 days after order confirmed;


  • Toughened laminated glass subject to ISO9001;
  • Toughened laminated glass subject to BS EN12600:2002;
  • Toughened laminated glass subject to SGCC;
  • Toughened laminated glass subject to AS/NZS 2208.


Several structural glass floor designs:

toughened laminated glass flooring system
Structural glass floor system
PDLC smart glass floor system

Production details:

production details for structural glass floor
Production details for glass flooring system

Quality control:

glass process testing
Carefully quality inspection to make sure no flaws occurs during production.



Packing and delivery:

packing and delivery
Packing and delivery details

What is the 33.04mm structural glass floor price?

Shenzhen Dragon Glass provides you super great design and the most competitive 33.04mm structrual glass floor price. The main factors influence the glass flooring system are:

  1. Glass size: it will influence the cutting rate and production cost;
  2. Glass color: the tinted color will result in a higher price;
  3. PVB thickness: we will recommend the most suitable thickness of PVB, but it is available if you would like to add thicker PVB. Or change to SGP interlayer;
  4. Acid etch patterns;
  5. Quantity.


If you have any toughened laminated glass flooring system requirement, welcome to contact us for a free quotation now!


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