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Padel tennis is one of the most popular sports around the world, especially in European countries. Where do you plan to purchase padel glass when are you going to build a padel tennis court?

Now you come to the right place! Shenzhen Dragon Glass as a reliable and professional glass manufacturer provides high-quality padel tennis court glass at better prices.

padel glass

What kind of glass do you need for a court?

A typical padel tennis court is 20 meters long and 10 meters wide with 18 pieces of padel glass. The court is surrounded by glass, so glass quality is the key factor. Tempered glass and laminated glass both are safety glass. Both of them are the best choice for building padel tennis courts.

paddle glass

How is padel glass made?

Generally, there are 5 steps for making padel court glass. As a professional padel court manufacturer, we guarantee every step follows the standards to produce the best quality glass products for you.

1. Inspection

First, the Grade A glass sheets from Xinyi will be thoroughly inspected to make sure there are no defects like bubbles. Thicknesses, sizes, colors, and grades must match the products’ label cards and the sealed samples. 

padel glass inspection
Grade A glass sheets

2. Cutting

Second, the glass sheet will be put on our Bottero or LiSEC cutting machine, and then it will be cut accurately without any scratches or chips.

padel cutting machine
Bottero cutting machine

3. Grinding

Third, the glass’ sharp edges need to be ground to be flat and polished. You can touch the edges without being cut, and high-quality glass edges are less likely to break during and after tempering.

padel glass
polished edges

4. Drilling

Fourth, paddle court glass is fastened by screws, so it comes to the drilling process. The flared holes sizes must be accurate, and the edges are smooth without any splits.

holes 1

5. Tempering

Fifth, it comes to the most important process. The glass sheet will be put in a tempering furnace to increase its strength. After the tempering process, it still needs a heat soak test that reduces the risk of spontaneous breakage caused by nickel sulfide. We guarantee the spontaneous breakage percentage of our paddle glass is lower than 0.1%.

LandGlass tempering furnace

Product Specifications

Product name:Padel Tennis Court Glass
Size:2995mm*1995mm, 1995mm*1995mm, 3000*2000m, 2000*2000m, customized
Thickness:10mm, 12mm, 6mm+1.52PVB+6mm
Holes:4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, customized
Packaging:Paper interlayer between each glass panel
Strong plywood wooden cases to ensure safety during long-distance transportation.
Certificates:CE EN-12150 for tempered glass and laminated glass

How to package paddle glass and ensure safety

padel glass package
strong plywood wooden cases

1. We use strong plywood to make wooden cases. These wooden cases are strong and won’t snap during loading and unloading.

padel package
soft thick paper

2. Soft thick paper will be put on the surface of each glass. It could reduce the friction and vibration between each glass.

paddle glass
fastened to the container

3. After the wooden cases are loaded into the container, they will be fastened by nylon ropes so that the wooden cases won’t move during the shipping. When the glass gets to your port, it is still in good condition without any breakage.

CE certificates

paddle CE

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