Super height glass fin made of 25mm tempered laminated glass

glass fin, glass rib, glass fin system.

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What is glass fin?

When you enter an all-glass building, you must have noticed a few long strips of glass standing on the glass surface, as if against the curtain wall. These long strips of glass are called glass fins, and they are also called glass ribs. they are made of thicker tempered glass and laminated glass.

glass fin, glass rib, glass fin system.


The glass rib is a unique accessory of the full glass curtain wall. A long strip of glass that is installed on the full glass curtain wall at the same height as the large glass and perpendicular to the large glass, and has a bending resistance effect on the large glass. The glass ribs are also called wind-resistant strips. When designing all-glass curtain walls, the glass ribs should be designed according to the wind pressure resistance of the curtain wall and the bending of the large glass under its own weight.

Glass rib not only resists wind pressure but also restores the full glass view of the curtain wall.

glass fin, glass rib, glass fin system.


Product name: Glass fin
Glass type: Tempered glass, tempered laminated glass
Color: Clear or extra clear
Thickness: 12mm, 15mm, 19mm, 25mm; 5+5mm, 6+6mm, 8+8mm, etc
Production time: 15 days
Max height: 12000mm

Product details

glass fin product detail

Quality standards

  • Subject to ISO9001 standard;
  • Subject to CE EN2190;
  • Subject to ASTM1248;
  • Subject to AS.


glass fin, glass rib, glass fin system.

Quality control

  • Adopting high quality grade toughened glass material make sure no bubbles, no chips, no scratches, super flat surface;
  • Cutting: use advanced cutting machines to ensure there are no chips, sizes accuracy;
  • Grinding: polished the edges with no chips, no micro-cracks, no flaws;
  • Drilling: accurately drill the holes according to the CAD drawing;
  • Tempering: use world advanced super flat & spotless tempering machine to ensure the excellent tempering stress uniformity and flatness, lowest tempering spontaneous breakage rate;
  • We have a strict QC inspection team to inspect each process to ensure no flaws occur during each process;
Strict quality control system

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