Super large Super safe 10+10mm Laminated glass fin curtain wall facade

Laminated glass fin curtain wall

Super large Super safe 10+10mm Laminated glass fin curtain wall facade

Laminated glass fin curtain wall

Laminated glass fin can be used for curtain wall glass to support loads and can withstand wind pressure, internal pressure, and dead weight. Clear structural glass can be used for glass fins, allowing walls, guards, or skylights transmit additional light.

What is the laminated glass fin?

A laminated glass fin is an architectural element, usually made of laminated glass, which is used as part of a facade system.

This type of facade glass fin helps to provide added strength and stability due to the laminated construction, meaning they can be used in areas where there are higher wind loads or seismic activity. Additionally, laminated glass fins have excellent insulation properties and high sound transmission loss characteristics, making them ideal for external applications where noise reduction is a priority.

Laminated glass fins are also great aesthetically; they give facades a sleek look while providing functional benefits. Laminated glass fins come in a variety of sizes and shapes so you can create unique designs that will make your building stand out from the rest.

All in all, laminated glass fins are an excellent architectural solution for any building.

Laminated glass fin

The advantage of glass fin for curtain wall

  • Beautiful structure: It can make your building completely glass system and look more modern and beautiful.
  • Safety: Laminated glass fins are safety glass, which can consolidate the structure that supports the curtain wall.
  • Unobscured: No metal frame restrictions, make your vision more open and transparent.
  • Resist wind pressure: As structural support, it can better resist wind pressure.


These laminated glass fins can be used in a variety of applications including façades, curtain walls, balustrades and glazed roofs. They’re often used in combination with other facade materials such as metal or wood to create interesting facade designs. The laminated construction also provides superior durability over time, making laminated glass fins a great long-term investment. All laminated glass fin products are designed to meet the necessary safety standards required by local and international regulations.

If you’re looking for an architectural element that will provide both aesthetic beauty and functional benefits, then laminated glass fin is the ideal choice!

fin 1
Glass fins for curtain wall
Laminated glass fin curtain wall
Glass fins for the facade
VSG glass for curtain wall/ facade
laminated glass fin for curtain wall/ facade

Production details

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Laminated glass fin
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Laminated glass fin

Quality standard:

  • Subject to ISO9001 standard;
  • Subject to CE EN2190;
  • Subject to ASTM1248;
  • Subject to AS;


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