Tempered Glass

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Shenzhen Dragon glass tempered glass

5 Times stronger!

Fully tempered glass is approximately 5 times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness and configuration. High impact resistance makes it sustain high wind loads or snow loads.

Shenzhen Dragon glass tempered glass

Top quality

High-quality raw materials and excellent processing technology make the self-explosion rate of our tempered glass less than 1‰

Shenzhen Dragon glass tempered glass


Tempered can withstand higher forces like impacts, scratches, blows, etc. Even broken, tempered glass fractures into small, relatively harmless pieces.



Raw Materials

Raw Materials

Top-grade raw materials, with no bubbles, no chips, no scratches, and a perfect surface. Sufficient monthly orders allow us to cooperate with large flat factories to ensure the supply of raw materials.

Cutting Line


Use heavy-duty cutting machines such as Lisek and Bottero to ensure that the size will not be affected, and that there will be no chipping, no rough fragmentation, and no edge.

Edge Grinding

Edge Grinding

Strict requirements for the dimension deviation of finished glass. Polishing brightness uniformity, no edge or corner chipping, no scratch


Holes and Notches

Completely refer to drawings and customer standards, and measure each hole.



Heating the glass to over 600°C, then rapidly cooling it to lock the glass surfaces in a state of compression and the core in a state of tension. We use Landglass and NorthGlass A3 series tempering furnaces and our unique super flat and flawless tempering method to ensure the best quality of toughened glass.



Sturdy plywood crates to ensure safety during long-distance transportation.

Quality Control System

Shenzhen Dragon Glass provides you full process quality control before delivery, inspect the optical quality, distortions, thickness, tension, and flatness of glass at the earliest possible point throughout the production process. Make sure outstanding glass quality.

quality control


We take great pride to meet and exceed international standard criteria and ensuring the highest safety standards are followed.


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