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What is curved glass?

Shenzhen Dragon Glass as one of the best curved glass suppliers can provide two types of curved glass—hot bending glass & curved toughened glass.

Hot bending glass— the glass is pre-processed (cut to the required size) and then heated to the softening temperature(about 1000 degree), and then rely on its own weight or external force to make the glass into a non-planar shape that matches the mold in a variety of specific shapes. using annealing process to make the required curved glass.

Curved toughened glass— is the glass under tempering process heating the glass to over 620 degree and then cool down rapidly by a strong wind jet, during the cooling, curving the glass at the same time.

Here we are talking about curved toughened glass mainly.

Curved toughened glass performance:

1. Safety: When the qualified toughened glass is broken, its fragments are very small. The number of fragments in the 50mmx50mm area is not less than 40. Its fragment section is basically perpendicular to the surface, there are no sharp sharp corners, and it will not cause harm to people.

2. Impact strength: It can bear 1040g steel ball from 1 meter high free falling impact without breaking.

3. Bending strength: Bending strength can reach 200Ma.

4. Optical properties: The optical properties of glass do not change during the tempering process.

What best curved glass suppliers can provide you?

Curved glass is widely used in construction area such as facade, curtain wall, shopfront, railing, windows & doors, etc. Sometimes using for roof, skylight, canopy will also make it unique design.

Imagine when you sitting beside a river, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside through a curved glass windows or curved glass wall:

curved glass suppliers for curved glass wall
Fantastic curved glass wall design
curved glass windows
Large curved glass windows

It is beautiful, isn’t it? Some other curved glass windows and curved glass wall or curved glass canopy applications below:

curved glass applications
Applications of curved glass products

What solutions Shenzhen Dragon Glass can provide for you?

  1. Curved glass curtain wall;
  2. Curved glass exterior wall;
  3. Curved glass partition wall;
  4. Curved glass canopy;
  5. Curved glass windows;
  6. Curved Glass doors,


Shenzhen Dragon Glass curve glass properties:

Product namecurved glass products (curved toughened glass/curved lamianted glass)
Glass colorsclear, ultra clear, blue, green, bronze, grey, etc.
Glass thickness4-25mm
Max arch3300mm
Min radius500mm
Glass typeclear curved glass / tinted curved glass / ultra clear curved glass/ patterned curved glass
heat soak test curved glass/ coated curved glass/ frosted curved glass, etc
CertificationISO9001/SGCC/IGCC/CE/CCC, etc
Max size3200*12000mm
Capacity1200 SQM/Day
PackingStrong plywoode crates

Curved glass products details:

Super excellent quality curved glass products produced by Shenzhen Dragon Glass-splendid curved glass suppliers with no flaws:

curved glass products
Shenzhen Dragon Glass- one of the best curved glass suppliers in China

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