Kina padel glass produsent gir utmerket 10mm klart herdet glass løsning.

Vi Shenzhen Dragon Glass gir utmerket 10mm klart herdet glass for padel glass:

No bubbles, no chips, no scratches on the 10mm clear tempered glass surface. With tempering stress > 95Mpa and the tempering stress uniformity<8Mpa, we have the flattest surface tempered glass.

Accurate control of glass size, holes sizes and holes positions, making sure you can easily install the padel glass without any worry.

Sterke kryssfinerkasser kan sikre padelglassforsendelsessikkerheten.

padel glass pakking i sterke kryssfiner kasser.

Nøyaktig beregning for å sikre den mest konkurransedyktige og full lasting. Sikker forsendelse og spar penger.

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