Glass Can Be So Magical And Changeable-PDLC Smart Glass 6+6mm Partition Glasses

What if we told you that there was a way to combine the classic beauty of glass with modern technology?

Well, look no further! PDLC smart glass is here to revolutionize your design projects. This revolutionary product combines both aesthetics and practicality by enabling architects to utilize versatile glass partitions in ways never seen before.

What is PDLC smart glass and its advantages

PDLC stands for Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal, and this nifty invention is taking the world by storm. One of the most significant advantages of this smart glass is its privacy control – allowing you to switch between visibility and seclusion whenever you want.

PDLC Smart

Applications of PDLC smart glass in residential and commercial spaces

Imagine walking through your home or office and having the power to switch your windows from transparent to private at the touch of a button. PDLC smart glass offers this incredible experience, transforming residential and commercial spaces in ways we never thought possible. As this adaptable glass technology becomes more popular, people are discovering its countless applications for everyday life.

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In residential spaces, PDLC smart glass can be used to convert your bedroom window into a soundproof barrier; while in commercial settings, it can be incorporated into partition walls for privacy, utilized as a projector surface for presentations.

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How to Choose the Right Type of PDLC Smart Glass

Glass color: clear, ultra-clear, tinted glass

Switchable film color: purple, green, orange, yellow, blue, red, gray, black, etc.

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  • Subject to ISO9001 standard;
  • Subject to BS EN12600:2002;
  • Subject to ASTM1048;
  • Subject to AS NZS 2208 1996;

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