6mm Superb High-performance Solar Control Glass Energy-efficient Glass

Normal glass allows more than 75% of visible light, heat, and ultraviolet radiation to pass through the glass without being absorbed or reflected, which could result in discomfort for people and the high electricity cost.

Solar reflective glass allows natural daylight through, keeping the room bright, and blocking infrared and UV rays light. It makes the room stay cooler during hot and sunny days, meanwhile reducing the need for air-conditioning.

Because of its efficient reflection effect and good lighting, it is ideal for residential and commercial buildings.

solar control glass
The temperature difference between normal glass and solar control glass

How does solar control glass work?

This glass has a very thin coating on one side the of glass that reflects heat from the sun. That helps to prevent overheating in large areas of the glass. At the same time, the coating can also reduce uncomfortable glare from direct sunlight.

There are two types of coating glass in the market. Solar Control Glass and Low-E Glass. Solar reflective glass can be used as a single panel. However, Low-E glass can’t, because there is a silver coating. Its coating is easy to be oxidized in the air and damaged by scratch, which makes it for insulated glass only.

low-e glass
Solar control glass and Low-E insulated glass heat and sunlight reflection

The advantages of energy-efficient glass

  • Lowering the heat transmission from the sun
  • Keeping the interior cooler
  • Saving more electricity fee because of less air conditioning usage
  • Blocking harmful UV rays
  • Protecting curtains and furniture from fading
  • Reducing glare from the sun

The glass coating line & our products

coating glass
Reflective Glass Coating Line
reflective glass
Reflective Glass Coating Line
solar control glass
6mm Tempered Light Blued Solar Control Glass

Reflection colors with different coatings

solar control glass
different reflection colors
solar control glass
different reflection colors


●Glass thickness: 5-12mm
●Glass color: clear, ultra clear, green, grey, and other tinted glass
●Visible light transmittance: 20% – 80%
●Max size: 2440*6000mm
●Production time: 15 days
●Certifications: CCC/CE/SGCC/ISO9001
●Packing: Strong wooden cases

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