Super quality 12 mm tempered glass for glass pool fence panels

What is 12 mm tempered glass for glass pool fence panels?

12mm glass pool fence panels are using 12mm toughened glass as glass pool fence panels It is produced by heating 12mm clear or tinted edge worked glass to around 700 degrees in the tempering oven and then cool down rapidly by a strong wind jet. This process is also called glass quenching, it will form compression stress on the 12mm glass surface whereas the interior is still in tension. After 12mm glass is toughened, it will be 5 times stronger than normal 12mm annealed glass.

One of the latest trends in modern backyard design is Glass pool fence panels. For homeowners, architects and builders, glass fencing offers attractive benefits as a unique safety barrier option. It is quickly growing in popularity as a stylish alternative to traditional wood, iron, mesh, and aluminum fences. Aside from its beautiful aesthetic, glass fencing also has plenty of practical benefits as well as important safety features when used as a pool barrier.

Deciding whether to invest in a glass fence? Consider these 9 benefits:

1. Keep children and pets safe

A swimming pool glass fence will prevent children and pets from accessing the pool unsupervised, giving you peace of mind. Climb-resistant glass panels allow clear views to monitor the pool area, and gates have self-closing latches and hinges. Engineered to meet pool code requirements, Glass pool fence panels are designed to keep children safe.

2. Enhance the visual appeal of your backyard

Elegant and modern, glass fencing offers security without sacrificing style. Its simplicity in design and luxurious appearance sets it apart from wood, iron, and aluminum fencing. An attractive addition to any pool, patio, deck, garden, or terrace.

3. Maintain clear unobstructed views

The swimming pool glass fence is constructed with tempered glass panels held in place by stainless steel clamps. It is nearly invisible, providing clear unobstructed views and a seamless flow from indoor to outdoor space. The perfect choice for any location where you want the security benefits of a fence without blocking the view.

Outdoor Bottom Supports Architectural Clear Tempered Glass Swimming Pool Fencing
Glass pool fence cost

4. Increase your property value

More than a simple home improvement, glass fencing is an investment that adds value to your property. It transforms any deck, patio, or terrace into an elegant focal point that looks like it should belong in a lifestyle magazine. For those looking to buy and flip homes, frameless glass fencing is a no-brainer.

5. Maximize your space

A swimming pool glass fence creates the illusion of more space, making your yard appear much larger than it is. This makes it an excellent option for homes with smaller backyards. Designers and architects can take advantage of this stylish, versatile, and unique safety product.

6. Easy to maintain

This may surprise you, but a swimming pool glass fence is actually one of the easiest types of fencing to maintain. Resistant to corrosive environments around pools, spas, and oceans, it will not rust or rot over time. To clean, simply wipe down with soapy water every 8 weeks. No painting, staining, replacement, or upkeep required.

Urban Glass Fencing Fully Frameless Channel Mounted Glass Pool Fence into Poured Aggregate
Swimming pool glass fence

7. Durable and built to last a lifetime

Dragon Glass pool fence panels are built with #316 marine grade stainless steel and ½” tempered safety glass (which is six times stronger than normal glass, and almost impossible to break). Unlike traditional wood, iron, and mesh fences, our glass fences are built to last a lifetime.

8. Custom designs to fit any layout

Another great benefit of glass fencing is its versatility in footprint and design, glass pool fence panels can be custom cut to almost any size and shape. They can follow any layout, including gentle curves and sloped areas. Hardware comes in a variety of styles and finishes to suit your personal taste.

9. Easy to install

Glass pool fence panels are not difficult to install, and most skilled licensed contractors can do it. It does not require highly specialized tools, except those suited for the surface where the clamps are to be placed (for example, a core drill for working with concrete or tile). Learn how to install glass fencing.

Considering these great benefits, it’s no surprise that more and more homeowners are choosing to install glass pool fence panels in their backyards. It is an investment that adds elegant style, enhances child safety, and boosts the resale value of your home.


  • 1, Multiple tinted glass colors available, such as low iron, green, blue, grey, bronze, etc;
  • 2, Variety of glass types: 12mm clear toughened glass, 12mm curved toughened glass, 12mm digital printed glass, 12mm ceramic frit printed glass, 12mm frosted toughened glass, etc;
  • 3, Shape: flat or curved, according to customer’s requirement;
  • 4, Frame: aluminum U channel or stainless steel 304 or 316;
  • 5, Max size: according to client’s request. We can help optimize the size to cut down the cost as well;
  • 6, Lead time: 7~12 days after order confirmed;
  • 7, MOQ: 50SQM

Quality standard:

  • Glass pool fence panels subject to ISO9001 standard;
  • Glass pool fence panels subject to CE EN2190;
  • Glass pool fence panels subject to ASTM1248;
  • Glass pool fence panels subject to AS;


Multiple designs of 12mm toughened glass pool fence panels:

glass pool fencing aplication
Swimming pool glass fence applications

Production details:

Production details for tempering glass
Glass pool fence cost


Glass pool fence panels tempering machines
Glass pool fence panels tempering machines

Quality control:

  • 1.Adopting high-quality grade 12mm glass material make sure no bubbles, no chips, no scratches, super flat surface;
  • 2.Cutting: use advanced cutting machines to ensure there are no chips, sizes accuracy;
  • 3.Grinding: polished the edges with no chips, no micro-cracks, no flaws;
  • 4.Drilling: accurately drill the holes according to the CAD drawing;
  • 5.Tempering: use world advanced super flat & spotless tempering machine to ensure excellent tempering stress uniformity and flatness, lowest tempering spontaneous breakage rate;
  • 6.We have a strict QC inspection team to inspect each process to ensure no flaws occur during each process;

Packing and delivery.

Glass pool fence cost packing

What is 12 mm toughened glass pool fence cost?

  • Shape: curved shape glass pool fence cost will be higher because it needs to be curved tempered, the production cost is higher;
  • Quantity: larger quantity, glass pool fence cost will be cheaper;
  • Installation methods: whether there are holes or not will influence the pricing, as well as safe corners requirement.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass offers a one-stop glass pool fence system with the best quality accessories and glass products with fast delivery.

Welcome to contact us for negotiating the most workable solution!


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