5-12mm chaleur renforcée prix du verre

shenzhen dragon verre de chaleur renforcé verre

5-12mm chaleur renforcée prix du verre

shenzhen dragon verre de chaleur renforcé verre

1, Qu’est-ce que le verre renforcé par la chaleur?

Heat strengthened glass is also called half tempered glass or semi tempered glass or HS glass. The heat strengthening process is mostly the same as full tempered glass. The only difference is after heating to around 700-degree temperature, when quenching by the wind jet, the cooling speed will be longer and the press of cold wind is lower. Thus, making the surface of heat strengthened glass pressure much lower than fully tempered glass. Semi tempered glass strength is twice that of float glass, it can be used where places need glass stronger function but no risk of self-explosion, unlike full tempered glass.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass chaleur renforcée bris de verre
Bris de verre renforcé VS bris de verre plein trempé

2, Pourquoi utiliser du verre renforcé par la chaleur?

  1. Higher-strength: Compared to normal float glass, semi tempered glass is 2 times stronger, can endure a higher impact.
  2. Safety: full tempered glass has a potential risk of self-explosion because of NiS in the glass raw material. Heat-strengthened glass has no such worry.
  3. Stabilité thermique stable : même exposée à un soleil chaud ou à de fortes pluies ou à de la neige, le verre renforcé par la chaleur reste stable.
  4. Flat surface, compared to full tempered glass, heat-strengthened glass has less distortion.

3, Comment le verre renforcé par la chaleur est-il fait?

Shenzhen Dragon Glass heat-strengthened process as below:

shenzhen Dragon Glass chaleur renforcé processus de verre

4, When to use heat-strengthened glass?

Generally speaking, using semi tempered glass is a very economical way to save budget and no risk of tempered glass self explosion with a less distorted surface. Heat-strengthened glass is usually used for windows or for some façade projects where glass size is smaller and less wind load is required. For further enhancement, semi-tempered glass can be processed as heat strengthened laminated glass. So that it can be used as a canopy or skylight, etc.

Applications de verre renforcées par la chaleur

5, Propriétés :

Nom du produit :Heat-strengthened glass/half tempered glass/semi tempered glass
Couleurs de verre:clear, ultra-clear, blue, green, bronze, grey, etc.
Épaisseur du verre:5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc.
Forme de verre:Plat/incurvé.
Applications:Façade, mur rideau, balustrade, puits de lumière, balustrade de balcon, fenêtres, etc.
Certifications:ASTM, CE, ISO9001, CCC, etc.
Taille maximale:2440*6000mm

6, système strict de QC.

Our test includes raw material checking before cutting, surface inspection for each process, size accuracy after edgework, distortion measurement after the glass half tempering, stress uniformity inspection before packing.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass test de qualité pour le verre renforcé par la chaleur
Inspection de la qualité

7, FAQ

1, Can semi-tempered glass be cut?


2, Can semi-tempered glass be further processed?

Yes, heat-strengthened glass can have further treatment like coating, digital printing, frosting, or acid etching process to enhance its performance.

3, How much is the strength of semi-tempered glass?

Usually, the strength lies in 24~69Mpa. But we can keep it in control in 24~52Mpa which means better stress uniformity.

4, Le verre renforcé par la chaleur est-il le même que le verre trempé?

Non, il est beaucoup moins de force que le verre trempé, mais n’a aucun risque d’auto-explosion.

5, Difference between heat soaked glass and heat strengthened glass?

Heat soaked test glass is full tempered glass further processed by heat soak testing. Strength is higher. Heat-strengthened glass is only semi tempered.

8, Pourquoi choisir Shenzhen Dragon Glass?

  • 26 ans d’expérience en traitement en verre profond.
  • Machines avancées pour l’assurance qualité.
  • Système qc strict double garantie pour la qualité.
  • Grande capacité de quantité 5000sqm/jour rendant notre prix de verre renforcé de chaleur très concurrentiel dans le marché de verre de construction de la Chine.
  • Réponse rapide avant et après les ventes en quelques minutes et solutions fournies en 24 heures.

9, Certifications:

Certifications Shenzhen Dragon Gass pour verre trempé, lamianted, isolé

10, emballage de contreplaqué fort pour garantir l’expédition de sécurité :

Shenzhen Dragon Glass caisse de contreplaqué forte pour s’assurer de la sécurité en verre pendant l’expédition.

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