Super quality insulated glass wall possess 2 functions of energy-saving and soundproof

What is an insulated glass wall?

Cuando hablamos de pared de vidrio aislado, en primer lugar, definitivamente pensaremos en ellos como muros cortina de vidrio aislado, no como esos muros de partición. Because insulated glass is used to isolate heat from the outside, then you may ask:

What is insulated glass?

Insulated glass (IG) consists of two or more tempered glass panels separated by an aluminum spacer, first sealed by butyl rubber and second sealed by structural sealant. In order to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building outside.

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Benefits of insulated glass wall

The glass curtain walls of high-rise buildings generally use insulated glass, which is the thinnest and easiest heat transfer material in the outer wall of the building. As the desiccant in the aluminum frame keeps the air in the insulated glass dry for a long time through the gap on the aluminum frame, the thermal insulation performance is excellent.

Architectural aesthetics: The glass curtain wall is a new type of contemporary wall. The biggest feature it gives to the building is to organically unify the architectural aesthetics, architectural functions, building energy efficiency and building structure. The building presents different tones from different angles, which follow the sunlight. The changes of moon, moonlight and lighting give people a dynamic beauty.

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Double glass facade
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Double glass facade

Superior energy-saving effect: The insulated glass improves heating and cooling efficiency by reducing heat loss in winter and blocking solar heat in summer, It has the energy-saving effect of warm in winter and cool in summer.

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Soundproof performance: Insulated glass can reduce noise by 27-40 decibels, and the traffic noise of 80 decibels outside is only 50 decibels indoors.

Curtain Wall 2

Eliminate frost and dew: If the temperature dramatically differences between indoor and outdoor, the single-layer glass will form frost. The insulated glass will not condense on the glass surface due to temperature differences. because the inner glass in contact with indoor air is affected by the air barrier, even if the outer temperature is very low, The dew point of insulated glass can reach -70℃

Improve wind pressure resistance: Wind pressure resistance has become the main indicator of the curtain wall. The wind pressure resistance of insulating glass is 1.5 times that of a single glass.

Specifications of glass curtain wall systems:

  • Production name: glass curtain wall systems panels ;
  • Glass thickness: 5+5mm, 6+6mm, 8+8mm,10+10mm, 12+12mm,5+5+5mm, 6+6+6mm, 8+8+8mm, etc. Other types of configurations are also available. etc,
  • Functions: Soundproofing, safety, energy-saving. etcetera
  • Shape: Flat or curved
  • Tiempo de producción:10-15 días
  • Max size:3200*12000mm
  • Capacidad: 2500SQM por día

Detalles de la producción:

Shenzhen Dragon Glass can produce double glazing glass with fully automatic as well as experienced manual ways. Both can ensure good sealing quality and no leaking.

Certificates of glass curtain wall systems

The following contains the necessary certificates for glass curtain wall systems


Embalaje y entrega:

There is a plastic film on the surface of each piece of insulated glass to ensure that it will not be scratched during installation and transportation.

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Strong plywood crates packing to avoid the damage of insulated glass during the long distance transportation.

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