Hot Selling EN12543 High-Safety 664 VSG 13.52mm Laminated Glass for Balustrade

664 VSG glass, 13.52mm laminated glass

Hot Selling EN12543 High-Safety 664 VSG 13.52mm Laminated Glass for Balustrade

664 VSG glass, 13.52mm laminated glass

What is EN12543 664 VSG 13.52mm laminated glass?

664 vsg glass, laminated glass panels, 6+6mm lami glass, 12mm laminated glass

664 VSG, also called 6mm+1.52PVB+6mm laminated glass, is a hot-selling item worldwide. Using two panels of 6mm toughened glass for lamination, they become a very strong combination and applicate in the modern building.

This item is often popular in European areas, and widely used in balustrades, railings, and fencing, because it has a very good safety performance,

The 13.52mm laminated glass also needs to comply the standards like EN12543, or SGCC ANSI – Z97.1 when exported to Europe or the US/Canada, this is a mandatory requirement for safety glass. If the supplier cannot provide these certificates, then you need to consider them carefully.

2- Why use 664 VSG glass for glass railing?

Tempered Glass Characteristics

13.52mm Laminated tempered glass possesses the characteristics of tempered glass, meaning it shatters into small particles when broken, which prevents injury to people.

Here is a break testing showing monolithic glass and laminated glass

Safety Glass Characteristics

When 664 VSG laminated glass breaks, the PVB interlayer holds the fragments together, preventing them from falling. This makes it very safe for use in railings or other buildings like facades.

Nice View When Applicate in Balustrade

Compared with other materials, glass has a better vision and decorative effect. The normal transmittance of 664 VSG can reach 86%. If ultra-clear glass is used, the luster will be better.

Nice View laminated glass, glass fencing, swimming pool glass fencing

Bird Friendly Protection

Regarding the protection of birds, 66.4 laminated glass can be processed when used for railings, such as arranging some ceramic fritted patterns on glass, making high-transmittance and low-reflection glass, or more details, to protect more bird activities.

Bird Friendly Protection - 6+6mm laminated glass

Other Colors Available

The PVB color for 66.4 VSG glass can be customized anytime for your projects. We support RAL/Panton color, or Vanceva glass number to meet your requirements.

Vanceva glass, color pvb laminated glass, 66.4 vsg
Our stock PVB color VSG for reference
Different colors 66.4 vsg glass 13.52mm laminated glass
Different colors 66.4 vsg glass, 13.52mm laminated glass

3- Specification of 664 VSG laminated glass

Product name664 VSG glass, 13.52mm toughened laminated glass, 6+6mm laminated tempered glass
Thickness6mm tempered glass + 1.52 PVB + 6mm toughened glass – 1/2 thick
Size rangeCustomized, for railing we suggest the size less than around 1000x2000mm
Color choiceNormal clear, ultra clear, or other PVB color, like red, yellow, blue, pink, green
Shape choiceShaped, curved, flat
CustomizedPolished edge, drill holes, cutout, cut notches, safety corner, etc.
Delivery timearound 15-20 days
Trade termEXW, FOB, CIF, DDP, DDU

4-Quality control for 13.52mm tempered laminated glass

Nowadays, toughened laminated glass is widely used in construction, and controlling the quality of glass railings is very important. The toughened laminated glass produced by Dragon Glass meets the following standards:

  • Subject to BS standard
  • Subject to SGCC-ANSI Z97.1 standard
  • Subject to ASTM C1172 standard
  • Subject to CE- EN12543, EN14449 standard
  • Subject to the ISO 9001 standard
  • Subject to the AS/NZS 2208:1996 standard
Cetificate for opaque laminated glass, vsg glass sheet, tempered laminated glass

Processing notice

All processing such as polished edges, rounded corners, drilling, notches, and grooves must be completed before tempering and laminating.

Differnte processing on glass egdes and holes

5- Applications

Besides railing, they still can be used for balustrades, terraces, balconies, swimming pool fences, guillotine glass, and so on.

Glass railing project
Different glass railing projects

6- Processing details for 664 VSG glass

Cutting line

Dragon Glass group has over 7 cutting lines, including Bottero, Lisec auto cutting line, CNC cutting line, and so on, according to the customer’s CAD drawing, our professional team will try our best to help you with your glass sizes and shapes.

Cut-size glass, cut to size glass, glass cutting sheet

Edging line

Support over 12 types of edge polishing, including Flat polished, beveling, and round edge, no matter whether building glass, or furniture glass edges or if you have other glass requirements, kindly contact our team.

Edged glass, polishing the glass edges, dragon glass edging line

Tempering & bending processing line

Besides flat toughened glass, we also can curve the glass, to ensure safety and durability, you will get the very nice quality curved toughened glass.

Tempered glass line

Pre-laminating line

The professional workers will combine two pieces of 6mm toughened glass (1/4 toughened glass) with interlayers 1.52 PVB(0.06”), and make a pre-laminate before high temperature and pressure.

Laminated glass production line, laminated glass facilities, glass lamination

Autoclave laminating Line

All the laminated glass will be moved to the Autoclave from Dragon Glass, and after hours of high temperature and pressure, which is cooling, will be moved to the inspection room for our QA & QC checking.

Laminated glass production line, laminated glass facilities, glass lamination

7. Packing and Delivery

Strict inspection for laminated glass before delivery

Laminated glass no bubbles, zero delaminate laminated glass, dupont pvb laminated glass, sgp laminated glass
Laminated glass inspection by flashlight in Dragon Glass
Pack for laminated glass, vsg glass, 44.2, 66.4 glass
Safety packing

664 VSG glass is a nice option for balustrade projects worldwide, it is extremely cost-effective and for railing projects, the size variations are small, so production time can be faster.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to place your order, we can deliver it very soon to your hand. Contact us now!


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