Top 10 Hersteller von Verbundglas in China

1, Was ist Verbundglas?

Laminierte Glashersteller, wie wir sind, bietet ausgezeichnete laminierte Sicherheitsgläser Preise wettbewerbsfähig. Unser Verbundglas besteht darin, zwei Floatglas- oder gehärtetes Glas mit einer PVB- oder EVA- oder SGP-Zwischenschicht zu kombinieren. Im Vergleich zu einzelnem gehärtetem Glas bietet Verbundglas sicherere Funktionen und eine viel höhere Festigkeit.

Laminated glass is often used where safety glasses are considered first place like high floor windows or railings or canopy or skylights or where anti hurricane function is needed. This is because single tempered glass has a potential risk of accidental breakage, whereas laminated glass can reassure that the glass even breaks will not fall down to harm people, as the PVB or EVA or SGP interlayer will adhere the glass together preventing it to fall apart.

gute Laminatglaspreise
Gehärtetes Glas vs laminierteglasbruch

2, Wie machen Verbundglashersteller Verbundglas?

There are generally two kinds of laminated glass:

  • Annealed glass(float glass) laminated glass
  • Tempered laminated glass.

Both are safety glasses. But tempered laminated glass offers much higher strength with stronger anti impulse functions.

To produce annealed laminated glass, simply combine the two pieces of annealed(float) glass together using an interlayer(usually by PVB) and put it into a high-pressure autoclave.

Hochdruck-Autoklav, Verbundglasverfahren, Sicherheitslaminatglasherstellung, hochwertiges Verbundsicherheitsglas
Laminierte Glasherstellungsmaschinen-Hochdruck-Autoklav

To produce tempered laminated glass,

  • First of all, you have to cut the glass to your desired sizes and then polish the edges and place them into a tempering machine;
  • After glass tempering, combine two pieces(some times multiple) together with pvb or Eva or sgp interlayer;
  • Transfer into a pre-press line and then place into high-pressure autoclave heating up to 100~200 degree temperature and keep 4~8 hours.
  • To make the lamination high performance and endure a long lifespan.
Verbundglasverfahren, Verbundglasherstellung, Sicherheitslaminatglasverarbeitung, Sicherheitslaminierte Glaspreise.
Laminierte Glashersteller, die Verfahren herstellen

3, Wie unterscheidet man, welche Qualität der Hersteller von Verbundglas gut ist oder nicht?

As a kind of safety glass, it is very important to distinguish the quality of laminated glass. Because it will influence your solutions and endurance for windows & doors or railing or facade jobs.  

Um sicherzustellen, dass die Qualität von gehärtetem Verbundglas, mehrere Elemente müssen sicher sein:

  1. Choose good reputations laminated glass manufacturers in China;
  2. High-quality raw material float glass is recommended as well as high-quality interlayer (pvb/eva/sgp);
  3. Cutting & grinding machines have to be accurate processing;
  4. Tempered machines should be good. As it will mainly influence the quality of tempered glass. And the flatness of tempered glass will therefore influence the lamination process too.
  5. Experienced operators or engineers can guarantee the tempered laminated glass quality better.
  6. Do experiment regularly to make sure tempered laminated glass quality stable.
Verbundglas-Experiements, Sicherheitsglastest, Sicherheitsglasexperimente, Verbundsicherheitsglasqualität
Prüfung & Inspektion von Verbundglas-Prozesseffekten & Inspektionen

4, Shenzhen Dragon Glass Verbundglas Eigenschaften:

ItemLaminated glass/safety glass
ColorClear, ultra-clear, light grey, dark grey, green, blue, pink, etc
Glass thickness3+3mm, 4+4mm, 5+5mm, 6+6mm, 8+8mm, 10+10mm, 12+12mm, 15+15mm,
5+5 + 5 mm, 6 + 6 + 6mm, 8 + 8 + 8mm, etc.
Interlayer thicknessPVB: 0,38, 0,76, 1,14, 1,52, 1,90, 2,28, 3,04 usw.;
Stabilitäts- und Wachstumspakt: 0,89, 1,52, 2,28 usw.
Glass typesKlares geglühtes Verbundglas, getöntes geglühtes Verbundglas,
Klares gehärtetes Verbundglas, ultraklar gehärtetes Verbundglas,
getöntes gehärtetes Verbundglas, beschichtetes gehärtetes Verbundglas,
halb gehärtetes Verbundglas, online Low-E gehärtetes Verbundglas,
Solarreflektierende Beschichtung gehärtetes Verbundglas, Keramik frit gehärtetes Verbundglas,
Digitaldruck gehärtetes Verbundglas, Hitze-Soak-Test gehärtetes Verbundglas,
gebogenes gehärtetes Verbundglas usw.
ApplicationsFacade, curtain wall, canopy, windows, doors, railings, skylight,
shower doors, balustrade, floating glass staircases, glass floors, partition walls, office doors, etc
Max size3200*12000mm
Quality standardVorbehaltlich CE & ASTM & CCC & ISO9001

5, Laminated Glass products details

All types of laminated glass products by Shenzhen Dragon Glass.
All types of laminated glass products by Shenzhen Dragon Glass.

6, What are the applications of tempered laminated glass?

Tempered laminated glass is widely used in the construction area due to its high strength and safety, most of all, it will cause a sense of space for human beings, thus making it the most favorable material designed by architects or designers.

Tempered laminated glass can be used as windows & doors, railing, canopy, skylight, sunroom, facade, curtain wall, staircases, storefront, shower room, glass floor, glass stairs, etc.

Verbundglasboden, Verbundglasfassade, Laminatglastüren, Sicherheits-Oberlichtglas, Verbundglasgeländer, Treppenglas, Verbundduschen
Anwendungen von gehärtetem Verbundglas

7, Why choose Shenzhen Dragon Glass tempered laminated glass?

  • We use the highest quality raw glass material with no chips no bubbles no scratches with a super flat surface;
  • Strict quality control for each process to make sure the final laminated glass product size accuracy;
  • With best engineers and the most advanced laminated machines for guarantee of no delamination.
  • With our large capacity, our tempered laminated glass price is very competitive in the building glass market.
  • Fast respond service, with our strong technical team we can reply to you within 1 hour and provide a solution for you within 24 hours.
  • We have 26 years of production & exportation experience, we are capable of handling all your delivery and quality issues

8, Certifications

Dragon Glass Zertifizierungen für laminiertes Sicherheitsglas

9, Packing details

Starkes Sperrholz, um die Sicherheit von Glas bei Ferntransporten zu gewährleisten.
Strong plywood crate packing to ensure glass safety delivery.

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