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What are 6.38mm laminated glass sheets?

6.38mm laminated glass sheets are using 3mm+3mm clear or tinted glass sheets laminated by 0.38pvb to form a “sandwich” configuration, it is also called stadip glass. This glass lamination sheet is undergoing a super high pressure in autoclaves with high temperatures and forms a permanent combination of the glass panels and the pvb material with the purpose to achieve superb silent functions. When the glass is broken due to a strong impact, the broken pieces will still adhere to the pvb interlayer, leaving no harm to humans, thus this type of stadip glass are also referred as “safety glass”.

laminated glass sheet breakage
Glass lamination sheet

6.38mm laminated glass sheets can be cut to custom sizes and applied as windows, doors, dividers, shower rooms, etc because of their high anti-impact strength and good soundproofing function.

Our large quantity capacity output can ensure our 6.38 laminated glass price is competitive in China glass market. Our strict quality control system can ensure the 6.38mm clear tinted laminated glass with the best quality.

6.38mm laminated glass price


  • Super high transmittance: we adopt the top grade 3mm float glass with transmittance up to 89%;
  • Strong bondage of the glass lamination sheet: under high pressure and high temperature, the glass and the pvb are bonded together permanently;
  • Super high strength: can endure strong impact without breaking, even when the glass is broken it will adhere to the pvb interlayer, thus ensuring safe glass;
  • Splendid soundproofing function: our high quality glass sheets and top-grade pvb can ensure super good soundproofing function after cutting laminated glass to sizes for windows, doors, etc;
  • No flaws: flaws such as bubbles, chips, scratches, overlap, etc won’t appear in our laminated glass sheets because of our strict quality control system;
  • Multiple color options are available: tinted stadip glass or color pvb stadip glass sheets are adopted to fulfill different kinds of designs.
  • Good to cut to size: cutting laminated glass is always not so easy as cutting float glass, but our 6.38 laminated glass sheets are easy to cut to custom sizes without chips raising, making the rest process work or installation easy to go.


  • Production name: 6.38 clear laminated glass sheets;
  • Glass colors: clear, grey, green, blue, bronze, are all available;
  • PVB thickness: 0.38, 0.76, 1.14, 1.52, etc;
  • PVB colors: red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple, etc;
  • Functions: for soundproofing, safety, decoration purpose;
  • Stock sizes: 2140*3660, 2140*3300, 2440*3660, 2440*3300, 2440 *3050, 1220*1830, 2440*1830, 2440*1650, 2140*1650, 2140*1830, etc;
  • Process: washing & cleaning, lamination in the dust free room;
  • Certifications: AS/CE/SGCC/CCC/ISO9001, etc;
  • Production time: 7~15 days after order is confirmed;
  • Samples: free samples are available within 5 days.


  • Subject to CE;
  • Subject to BS;
  • Subject to SGCC;
  • Subject to AS;
  • Subject to ISO9001;


6.38mm clear or tinted stadip glass sheets are good for doors, windows, shower doors, dividers, partitions, tabletops, etc.

tempered glass applications

Production details:

laminated glass sheet production detals
Production details.


Shenzhen Dragon Glass occupies multiple glass lamination machines which can ensure 6.38 stadip glass prices are super competitive in the Chinese glass market.


Packing and delivery:

Strong wooden crate packing to ensure the safety of glass shipment.

Laminated glass sheets packing details.
Packing details.

What is the best 6.38 laminated glass price?

6.38 laminated glass price will depend on the below factors:

  • Glass colors: tinted glass normally will be a higher price than clear glass;
  • PVB thickness: the thicker of the pvb interlayer usually will subject to higher strength and safety functions thus the price will be higher, the pvb brand will influence the price too;
  • Glass size: if the enquire size subject to our stock size, the stadip glass price will be the most competitive, if sizes are different, cutting laminated glass to customize sizes means higher price;
  • Quantity: our MOQ for 6.38 or 8.38 or 10.38 or 12.38 stadip glass is 1*20GP container. If larger quantity, our production cost will be lower thus the price will be more competitive;
  • Raw material cost: when the season changes, or market needs and supplies change, it might influence the stadip glass price too.

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