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What is 10mm 12mm clear tempered glass for padel glass?

Padel glass also named padel court glass.10mm&12mm clear tempered glass for padel glass is using super high quality(auto-grade) 10mm&12mm clear float glass cut to size(usually about 2metres*3metres) after grinding then send to drilling machine for 4 or 6 flared holes. Later the 10mm & 12mm clear float glass is sent to the tempering machine, heating to over 650 degrees temperatures and then cool down rapidly by a strong wind jet. This tempering machine can enhance the 10mm & 12mm clear tempered glass strength to over 95Mpa. Tempered glass can endure strong impact, even when it is broken, the broken pieces will shatter into small pieces with obtuse angles which will do no harm to human beings.

Clear tempered glass for padel glass manufacturers
Clear tempered glass for padel court glass.


  • High strength: the 10mm & 12mm tempered glass strength above 95Mpa, can endure strong impact without breakage.
  • High clearance: with transmittance >87%, the clear tempered glass can make sure you enjoy the good scenery around but without any disturbance from the wind when playing tennis.
  • Safety: the 10mm&12mm clear tempered glass is rated as top A safety glass according to the international quality standards.


  • * Production name: 10mm&12mm clear tempered glass for padel glass;
  • * Color: clear;
  • * Sizes: 2m*3m or 2m*2m, or 1995mm*2995mm;
  • * Process: cutting, edging, drilling, tempering, packing, etc;
  • * Production time: 7 days after order confirm;
  • * Applications: padel court glass;
  • * Capacity: 5000SQM/day;
  • * Quality: CE&AS&ASTM&BS&ISO9001;


  • Subject to ASTM C1048;
  • Subject to EN 12150-2:2004;
  • Subject to BS EN12600:2002;
  • Subject to AS/NZS 2208:1996;
  • Subject to ISO9001;


Padel glass applications.
Padel glass applications.

Production details:

Flawless products with no bubbles, no chips, no scratches and super smooth surface. Six flared holes accurately processed.

Machines overview:

Shenzhen Dragon Glass- the best padel glass manufacturer in China.
Shenzhen Dragon Glass machines

Packing and delivery

We adopt super-strong plywood crates for the padel glass packing. Strictly calculation for container loading to make sure the clients can make the most of the space thus ensuring the most competitive price for clients’ local market.

Super strong packing for 10mm & 12mm clear tempered glass for padel glass
Strong plywood crates packing and strong bonding for shipping.

What is the 10mm 12mm clear tempered glass padel glass price?

We Shenzhen Dragon Glass as one of the most professional padel glass manufacturers in China can provide you the most competitive padel glass price.

Generally speaking, for 10mm clear tempered glass FOB price is 12.5usd/sqm~20usd/sqm;

12mm clear tempered glass FOB price is 14.5usd/sqm~23usd/sqm.

Recently the float glass price is not that stable. Therefore if you have any padel glass projects at hand, welcome to contact us for a free quotation now!

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