Top 5 China excellent quality tempered glass table supplier

tempered glass for a tabletop

Top 5 China excellent quality tempered glass table supplier

tempered glass for a tabletop

A highly used component of the home is the table, if you are searching for a strong and long-lasting flat surface that may not stain, a tempered glass table can be perfect.

Tables at home can be of different shapes and designs depending on their area of application. In the room, we have a dining table, the center table, coffee tables, room tables, and many more. These tables, irrespective of what they are used for, can always be made out of the same material. It can either be made out of wood, metal, or ceramics. However, for a strong and long-lasting table, it is best to go for tables made out of glass or glass tabletops.

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A rectangle tempered glass table

What is a tempered glass table?

The tempered glass table uses tempered glass, which is a kind of safety glass, it has a strong resistance to pressure, cold and heat, and impact. Compared with ordinary glass, the strength of tempered glass is several times higher. At the same time, safety is greatly improved. The advantages of toughened glass in safety, high strength, and thermal stability are not available in other ordinary glasses.

Why choose a tempered glass table?

  1. The tempered glass table is very strong, sturdy, fashionable, with various styles, and can be easily designed into any shape whatsoever, which can meet the needs of different consumers.
  2. Compared with other materials, the style of the toughened glass table will be more novel and fashionable, bold and avant-garde, and its function will also become more practical.
  3. The tempered glass table will not be affected by the air, and will not be deformed due to the humidity of the air.
  4. The toughened glass table can be better matched and combined with other types of furniture with its concise and clear lines and transparent visual sense.
We can cut all shapes to your dimensions.

What shape can I choose for my tempered glass table?

Toughened glass table tops help protect the finish and look, give a very elegant and classy look to your furniture at home or in the office. We can cut all shapes to your dimensions, or we can come to take a pattern for custom.

We can cut all shapes of tempered glass table for the client's dimensions.

Top 5 glass types for tempered glass table

1. Clear tempered glass table

The Clear tempered glass table is a colorless glass, it clear, bright, with either a tinted or non-tinted edge. The clear glass allows almost every light falling on it to be reflected back. It is the most commonly used glass type as it can be found everywhere and it is very cheap to get.

2. The tinted tempered glass table

This tempered glass table designed with the addition of different colors to glass materials. It can either be ultra white, blue, green, grey, bronze, etc. It has a lot of properties very similar to the clear glass tabletop but reflects less light.

3. The frosted tempered glass table

Just like tempered glass, a frosted tempered glass table is of high density but made from a sandblasted surface. It limits the continuous passage of light through it. It is majorly used for tables in offices and conference meetings.

4. The laminated tempered glass table

The laminated tempered glass table is two of glass permanently bonded together with one plastic interlayer. One advantage of the laminated glass is the ability of its inner layer to hold the glass when broken.

5. The silkscreen printing tempered glass table

The principle for producing ceramic frit glass is using inorganic glaze printed on the glass surface and then heat to dried, tempered, or heat-treated. The glaze then is permanently sintered on the glass surface to obtain a wear-resistant, acid-resistant decorative silk screen printing tempered glass table. Glass silk screening patterns can be designed as per requirements.

The above-mentioned are some of the glass types that You may choose the type of glass that fits best with your style and taste.


Quality of tempered glass table

  • Subject to ISO9001;
  • Subject to ASTM 1048;
  • Subject to CE;
  • Subject to AS;

Production details

Toughened glass table
Toughened glass table


Shenzhen Dragon Glass certifications

Packing details

Strong plywood crates packing and strong bonding for shipping
Strong plywood crates packing and strong bonding for shipping

As a professional glass manufacturer since 1994, Shenzhen Dragon Glass is very glad to provide you our excellent quality glass with fast delivery and a good price. Contact us if you are interested in starting an Interior decoration project!


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