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Normal glass allows more than 75% of visible light, solar heat, and ultraviolet radiation to pass through the glass without being absorbed or reflected, which could result in discomfort for people and a high electricity cost year around. Blue reflective glass allows natural daylight through, keeping the room bright, and blocking infrared and UV rays light. It makes the room stay cooler on hot and sunny days, meanwhile reducing the need for air-conditioning. Reflective glass is ideal for residential and commercial buildings.

What is reflective insulating glass?

Insulating glass units, or IGUs, are designed to keep your house or office cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. An insulating glass unit commonly consists of at least two panes of glass separated by an aluminum spacer and sealed together at the edge, two panes of insulating glass units are also called double glazed units. Reflective insulating glass is assembled with a piece of reflective glass, compared with Low-E double glazed glass, it has almost the same energy saving effect but much lower cost.

Product details

reflective insulating glass
reflective insulating glass
reflective insulating glass
reflective insulating glass

Reflective insulating glass features

  • Lowering the heat transmission from the sunlight
  • Keeping the interior cooler in the summer
  • Saving more electricity fees
  • Blocking harmful UV rays
  • Protecting curtains and furniture from fading
  • Reducing sun glare and noise

Production lines

Shenzhen Dragon Glass is one of the few factories in China equipped with coating glass lines, the daily output of coating glass is more than 2000 square meters. We are able to assemble Low-E double glazing within 24 hours avoiding Low-E coating layer oxidation.

blue reflective glass
Low-E glass and reflective glass production line
blue reflective glass
Low-E glazing and reflective glazing production line


Product name: blue reflective glass, reflective double glazing, reflective insulating glass,
Type of glass: reflective glass, low-E glass
Aluminum spacer: 6A, 9A, 12A
Glass thickness: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 5+5mm, 6+6mm
reflective color: blue, golden, green, bronze, etc.
Filling gas: argon, dry air
Applications: facade, curtain wall, window, door, skylight, etc.
Maximum size: 3300*6000mm
Shapes: flat, triangle, and curved insulated glass
Packing: exporting strong wooden cases
Production time: 15-25 days
Production capacity: 2000 square meters daily

Packing details

reflective insulating glass
reflective insulating glass
reflective insulating glass

Shenzhen Dragon Glass is a leading China glass manufacturer, having been exporting reflective glass for more than 27 years. Are you looking for a reliable and professional IGU supplier in China? Contact us now for the best offer.

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